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All you need is love

Though romance and comedy are certainly elements of the film Intermission, this isn't the type of romantic comedy that Meg Ryan built her career on. The film concedes that love is the single most important part of one's life, but it also makes a compelling argument that, in fact, it is more a curse than a blessing. Still, in a world where ninety-percent of the people are stuck in low-paying, dead-end jobs such as stocking shelves at a supermarket or driving a bus on the same circular route, what other way is there to deal with the ennui of life- other than drinking, which they do plenty of as well- than love?

Taking place in modern-day Dublin, the film seems to have employed nearly every actor of Irish and Scottish descent with a notable credit, including Colin Ferrell (looking two days removed from his last shower and/or shave). A dozen young-Dubliners soldier on, searching for that one redemptive entity amidst the expletive-laden diatribes and regularly-occurring police brutality that is their unsatisfying existence. Intermission is a high-speed romp through the problems of 20-somethings, and its colorful dialogue makes it that rare kind of film that would be nearly as enjoyable as a radio broadcast.