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Indian Summer Festival

Milwaukee’s Indian Summer Festival is something of a last hurrah for summertime’s warmth and freewheeling spirit. In addition to its Native American theme, the Festival features customary fare, such as a roster of musicians to perform on multiple stages, Native American and traditional festival food, arts & crafts, and an emphasis on Native American history.

The first day at the Indian Summer Festival will be closed to the public, but open especially for children and teachers in grades K-8. The day is presented as an educational opportunity for kids to participate in craft demonstrations, cultural performances, Indian villages, arts and crafts and more.

Over the weekend, this year’s Festival entertainers will include Brule, Solomon Trimble, Darryl Tonemah, Wade Fernandez, Eagle and Hawk, The Flying Feather Band, Jan Michael Looking Worlf, Fiddle and Jig Contest, Asham Stompers and Buffy Handel.

The festival is also an opportunity for Native Americans from many different backgrounds to join together and share their stories, art and culture with patrons. Attendees will have the chance to check out live demonstrations of traditional skills such as beadwork, finger weaving, bow and arrow making, pottery, carving, basket weaving, and see traditional healing methods and herbal medicines in the "Natural Path Area". Through their vibrant presentations, displays and artwork, the Indian Summer Festival is the perfect way to end the summer.