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All men arenít created evil

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Igor (voiced by John Cusack) has a bit of a problem. He has a sizable hunch planted firmly on his back. But, thatís just the beginning. In the land of "Malaria", being born with a hunch means youíre destined to a tedious life as a lab assistant serving a mad scientist. For most "Igors", this is no big deal. But our Igor aspires to greater things, namely a diabolical invention of his own that will make him the greatest mad scientist ever.

Fortunately for Igor, he gets a shot at greatness when the mad scientist he serves (Dr. Glickenstein) accidentally blows himself up working on his latest invention. With the Evil Science Fair on the horizon, fate may have finally smiled on Igor. In short order, Igor works feverishly to bring his evil invention to life, a monster of epic proportions! However, Igorís monstrous creation Eva (voiced by Molly Shannon) is the furthest thing from evil. Sheís an aspiring actress who is solely interested in getting on the A-list.

If you havenít figured it out already, Igor is the kind of film that aspires to be a dark comedy that speaks to both kids and adults. There are moments in the film that feel more than a bit Tim Burton-esque. Some of these moments work relatively well, but some of them are a bit too dark for most kids under the age of 10 and the humor directed at parents is a bit uneven. Writer Chris McKenna has created an intriguing dystopia in Malaria and populated this world with some fascinating creatures/characters, but the tone of the film is a bit out of synch.

But, the voice acting in Igor is well executed and entertaining for the most part. Steve Buscemi brings a wonderfully cynical world weariness to his turn as "Scamper", a rabbit Igor has endowed with immortality much to Scamperís chagrin. No matter how many times he kills himself, he always comes back.

Sean Hayes adds more than a few solid laughs as the mentally challenged "Brian" (aka-Brain), a brain in a jar that careens around trying his best to help, but creating problems most of the time. However, it is Molly Shannon who truly steals the show as the naÔve, innocent, and evil-free Eva. You canít help finding her charming despite an outward appearance that is a bit unsettling.

Igor is a film that aspires to be of the caliber of Pixarís better films. Kudos to director Anthony Leondis for making such an attempt. Unfortunately, Igor falls well short of the better Pixar films. The uneven tone of the film and a story that is likely a bit too complicated for younger children results in a film that hits infrequently and misses more often than not.