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Iceage Cobra - Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People

Released on Iceage Cobra, 2/13/07

The Seattle based rock band, Iceage Cobra suffers no lack of confidence or swagger in the release of their tongue in cheek album, Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People. This kind of boldness is almost endearing coming from a young, relatively unproven band brimming with bluster and bravado. That being said Iceage Cobra is more than just bark. They bring a reasonable amount of bite as well. For those who thirst for their rock straight up, Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People brings it in spades.

Kicking things off is the relentless assault of "We Gotta Move". The thrashing guitar riffs of this feverish track are bound to induce random outbursts of senseless moshing at any live show…or at least some serious headbobbing. If this track doesn’t get you moving, you’re likely lacking a pulse. A deft mix of rock and punk, "We Gotta Move" is a great opener.

Following things up is the potent "Tornado of Knives", a similarly guitar heavy rock anthem with cheesy lyrics including the comical refrain, "slice, slice, slice, slice…." This one practically begs for you to toss back a few shots and bang your head. While not as frenetic as "We Gotta Move", "Tornado of Knives" is no less potent.

Departing dramatically from the two aforementioned tracks is the jazz/soul infused "We’re Gonna Win Some Money". Complemented with some freestyle rapping, this track strikes a decidedly different chord from the other two songs, but still manages to capture your attention with an infectious rhythm.

Once again proving they are not a one trick pony, Iceage Cobra provides "Sensual Interlude", a fairly spartan instrumental track heavy with honky-tonk piano that doesn’t necessarily scream sensuality, but provides a nice segue into "Dance Floor’s On Fire". This dance inducing track is coupled with some of the more humorous lyrical stylings on Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People. How can you not love a track that calls out to you with, "Don’t you wanna boogie? Say you wanna boogie, but the dance floor’s on fire."

No less searing is the coup de grace track, "Deathmobile". No jaywalkers will be spared when hell on wheels hits the road. This darkly hammy track is married with manic guitar riffs that spell doom for anyone standing in the way of the "Deathmobile. This relentless track is all squealing tires and floored accelerators.

Iceage Cobra does a generally solid job of mixing garage rock with punk, metal, soul, and a little jazz. Most of the tracks on Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People are worthy of a few listens and a few tracks manage to stand out. However, Iceage Cobra would have been well served by trimming some of the fat. Had editing been a bit tighter on the album, you’d be looking at solid four star album.

Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5