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I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With

Curb Your Expectations

Jeff Garlin may not boast the most commanding presence, but he is easily likable. As Larry Davidís hopelessly loyal agent on "Curb Your Enthusiasm", he brings a tiny dose of warmth to a world reigned by paranoia, deceit and distrust. He is the calm at the center of Davidís endlessly raging storm, greeting calamitous absurdity with a goofy grin. Itís a shame, then, that I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With is such a slight, lifeless affair.

As dry and uncomfortable as "Curb Your Enthusiasm" but lacking its vicious ingenuity, it is the plodding tale of an overweight actor whose search for love meets time after time with spectacular failure. Garlin, the filmís writer, director and star, isnít afraid to make himself the butt of the joke -- he is candid about his weight, and just as candid about his passion for cheese and rice pudding. Problem is, the joke isnít all that funny.

As in "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Garlin plays the straight man here, reserving the sharpest lines for co-stars Dan Castellaneta, Amy Sedaris and Sarah Silverman. (Silverman, whose potty-mouthed vixen should be familiar enough to fans of her Comedy Central series, provides the movieís dramatic high point in a scene that is as brutally honest as it is heartbreaking.)

But for all its isolated moments of inspiration, I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With fails to sustain any momentum. Garlinís lead is jovial and self-effacing, a classic lovable loser, but he is leaden and uninteresting; his film suffers accordingly.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


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