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A Little Something For Everyone
By Hubert Huang (Sep 20, 2015)
Although only two months into the new year, 2005 already has the makings of a watershed year for Asian Americans in cinema. NAATA, the organization behind the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and one of the most important sponsors of media for the Asian community, has reached its silver anniversary. And for the first time, the festival has found a presenting sponsor. That sponsor is 'Asia Street', whose debut on the International Channel, is slated for March 28. Devoted to Asian American programming, 'Asia Street' promises to be a vital medium for the community's growing legion of filmmakers. More »
By Hubert Huang (May 24, 2013)
There are two ways to phrase something: the way a regular person would, and the way David Mamet would. One of the prominent playwrights of our era, he has carved an entire career out of writing conversations the way he wishes they were as opposed to how they actually are. With his propensity for answering questions with more questions, characters repeating what another has just said, and the inevitable appearance of expletive-laden monologues, one can take a clear stand with Mamet; you either love him or hate him. More »
An Alternative to Mission Taquerias
By Hubert Huang (Mar 20, 2006)
With its dimly lit interior, Velvet Cantina could easily pass for a restaurant hoping to capture the first date/twenty-something crowd. While its clientele does indeed consist of young urbanites, the four-month old Mexican restaurant encourages revelry rather than romance. This is somewhat in keeping with the space's prior incarnation, The El Zarape Room. Prior to the ownership and name change, Latino crowds danced salsa and held court with buckets of Coronas, while groups of hipsters slammed margaritas and suckled sangria. More »
No more spilt milk, Part 3
By Hubert Huang (Aug 09, 2005)
If there's one point I've tried to communicate through this space week after week, it's that the Giants are not a playoff team. Forget the games-back column. Making up even a small number of games is something bad teams don't do. More »
No more spilt milk, Part 2
By Hubert Huang (Jul 31, 2005)
Last week we tackled the infield, so now let's take a few steps backward and examine who will be manning the spacious outfields of SBC Park in 2006. [b]LF Barry Bonds, CF Randy Winn, RF Moises Alou, 4th OF Todd Linden[/b]. The only thing standing in the way of this lineup being official for the 2006 season is the ever-unpredictable effect of the injury bug. And since two members of this foursome will be in their forties by this time next year, it wouldn't exactly be a freak occurrence for one of them to fall down and not get up. More »
No more spilt milk, Part 1
By Hubert Huang (Jul 26, 2005)
Every time the Padres lose a game, Giants fans should get just a little warm, fuzzy. Not because it means there's a chance the Giants will make September interesting, but that San Diego could be mediocre enough to allow San Francisco to compete in the NL West next year. More »
So simple to decipher
By Hubert Huang (Jul 26, 2005)
A year ago, Chan-wook Park's film [i]Oldboy[/i] opened in the US to much acclaim, firmly establishing the new wave of Korean directors as the darlings of Asian cinema. But while, [i]Oldboy[/i] arrived first in the minds of US audiences, it's actually the second chapter in Chan-wook's revenge trio, and a sequel of sorts, to [i]Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance[/i]. More »
Paid vacation
By Hubert Huang (Jul 19, 2005)
In football, the purist is the fan who shows up shirtless, a green 'G' outlined in yellow painted on his torso for a December game at Lambeau Field. The mindset of the beer-swilling (or in the case of San Francisco, turtleneck wearing and zinfandel sipping) aficionado is not all that different from the 22 men running around the field. More »
Dumb and Dumber
By Hubert Huang (Jul 05, 2005)
Below are the stat lines of two regulars for the team that plays their home games at SBC Park. [b]Player 1[/b]: Batting Average, .276; OBP, .331; Slugging, .385; Age, 27; Salary $316,500. [b]Player 2[/b]: Batting Average, .275; OBP, .342; Slugging, .391; Age, 31; Salary $3,750,000. More »
Traditional Thinking
By Hubert Huang (Jun 29, 2005)
One thing can be said about Felipe Alou: He's not part of the new guard. You won't find him having roundtable discussions with Billy Beane and J.P. Ricciardi about the latest study performed by the Society of American Baseball Research. He won't be quoting Bill James in any of his upcoming postgame interviews. More »
Hubert Huang's Articles
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