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Hot Dessert Nights


In the midst of a heat wave, one would expect the normal spattering of short-short clad gays frolicking about shirtless. Yet, over the past week, as the temperatures skyrocketed to record highs, there was a lull in the streets. It seemed like we missed the memo, when in fact it was only the most flamboyant roustabouts that where missing. It turns out that a little color goes along way.

Across the world on the hot, dry plains of Nevada’s Black Rock City, all the mayhem normally reserved for nights south of market had converged for the yearly epic week of creation, experimentation, and titillation known throughout the world as burning man. The international event that had its start on Baker Beach was out in force, and dragged the crazy fairy colors right out of the bay. It was a rough week for those of us left behind. Hot weather, coupled with the loss of party zealots to Burning Man and the DNC, left most city dwellers wondering who the people around them were. It was definitely a shake-up in the scene.

On Friday night, Anna Conda managed to pack the house at her weekly event, Charlie Horse, at the Cinch. There, before a full house, she offered up a moment of silence for the passing of Trannyshack. As the bar fell to silence, fags reflecting on the good old days of drag, she cued the DJs to blast the Muppet theme, the official Trannyshack song, in a moment that broke the silence with a roar of laughter and crowning glory for the emcee. Is it rightfully noted that Anna Conda, a one time Miss Trannyshack and former darling of the event, stands firmly in hatred of Heklina? Or perhaps that is just a rumor? Regardless, she is pulling off the fete of claiming the title reserved posthumously for her nemesis, and Kudos to her. She was across town at Mighty the following night hosting the kick-off for NakedSword’s Dirty Dozen, which was anchored by an open bar and eager boys, but never the less she stole the show!

As Anna Conda dominated the scene of leftovers in SF, the Honey Soundsystem mavericks where throwing their own version of the white party. Though many circuits were overloaded with Abs and X in San Francisco over the weekend, on the playa the only white party to attend was Supremacy: A White Party. The theme party had attendants dressed as their oppressors, included clan members and burquas made of American flags, and kept the bass bumpin until 5am. The thousands of party goers made a great statement from their anarchist land. Then again, to be expected, much of the impact was lost into k-holes across the territory.

So while the burners where getting their just deserves, the Democrats where inspiring the liberal hearts of San Franciscans, and Anna Conda was stealing the crown she so rightfully deserves, what other unmentionables where taking place? Which Burning Marys couldn’t hack the dust storms, leaving their camp in shambles? Who left his heart in that dusty k-hole in the middle of the Black Rock Desert? Which M4M boy was caught in the middle of a chain of 4am drunk dials? Who was airlifted onto the Playa, and who was airlifted out? And why the hell aren’t you OUTSIDE! GO! I will be here, guarding my secrets with a cute look and a Pinkyswear!