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Taking photos of my parents cats and anything else I found interesting lasted from when I was 13 and went on through high school.  Pictures of streets, shopping malls, cars, family and  friends.  But I really liked the darkroom work.  It was magical... seeing my image appear on a piece of blank photo paper in a tray of developer...wow!
I decided to continue my education and went for a Masters degree in Creative Arts at San Francisco State University. 
I enjoyed the many art projects that I worked on but wedding photography came my way, like so many other photographers, by friends asking me to photograph their weddings.  I really didn't want to; I was an  ART photographer!  But I did succumb to their wishes and now, about 700 or so weddings later and many, many portraits, I love what I do more than ever.  Seriously, who doesn't like to make people happy?  Just to see their smiles and tears of joy when they relive their special day when viewing their new images. 
When not traveling with my wife Diann, collecting images for my tropical art photography, you'll find me photographing weddings, events, engagement sessions and family portraits.