Halloween San Francisco Events
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Holiday Gift-Giving

Two-For-Me, One-For-You

One for you, two for me.

That spirit of gift giving sometimes gets a bit dangerous. It can happen when you're shopping for someone and you see something that you like for yourself. There's no need to feel guilty about it. After all, we need to boost our gross domestic product.

Yes there are plenty of opportunities for rewarding others (and ourselves for being so altruistic) during these times of hedonistic holiday-ism.

Start at Union Square, where the white glassy Apple Store sits. The hottest item coming out of this store is the pink mini iPod ($249). It's their best selling color in fact. I've already treated myself to one and you know you have to grab a special accessory case to protect it. They come in a variety of styles that function as a wallet or a sport accessory.

Going somewhere for the holidays? Start your holiday travels at Flight 001 in Hayes Valley with their Pink Hideo ($195), a 20" carry-on trolley by Hideo Wakamatsu. The lightweight and shiny finish can go perfectly with that pink metallic mini iPod that you just bought for yourself -- uh, I mean your little your sister. Of course there are other colors besides pink, including silver and camouflage.

Toys. There are toys to give to your friends, siblings and yes, even yourself. The hottest item coming out of Kidrobot on Haight Street is "Dunny". Dunny is a 3" bunny shaped robot that comes in different designs. They are designed by grafitti artists from all over the world and hop in nicely at $6.95 each!

Robert at Kidrobot tells me that another hot item that seems to be flying out their doors is Ugly dolls ($24.95). Robert says the deformed looking creatures are loveable plush (or vinyl) dolls that every "troubled youth" can identify with. They come with different backgrounds or stories so you are bound to identify with one.

As the days of holiday shopping come to a close, it's sometimes necessary to put yourself in the shoes of gift recipients. Don't be surprised if a few items in your shopping bag end up in your own closet. We're all guilty of pampering ourselves during the season of giving.