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Hidden Labyrinths

Simple Creations of an Elaborate Nature

When you think of "San Francisco" and "Labyrinth" it will likely conjure up one of two thoughts: either Grace Cathedral or driving through downtown. However, soon these two terms will be synonymous with local artist Eduardo Aguilera and his creations found through out the San Francisco Bay area. Eduardo's most popular labyrinth to date can still be found over looking the Golden Gate Bridge at Lands End.

The Lands End Labyrinth has been in existence since early 2004, but being a half-mile from Sutro Baths and a quarter mile off the main Lands End walking path most would never know it. Equally surreptitious, until recently, was the identity of the person behind the labyrinth. With maps and unraveled clues, Eduardo's identity/role soon surfaced along with the knowledge of two other labyrinths that had previously been constructed in the Marin Headlands and San Bruno Mountains.

Eduardo grew up in Baja California, Mexico and came to the US in 1966. Living in southern California until 1983 he moved to San Francisco, operating his own auto detailing business. Intrigued by art, but not considering himself artistic, he has experimented in photography, music and writing. After watching a show on PBS about labyrinths and making a visit to Grace Cathedral his interests transitioned from enjoying labyrinths as a visitor, to wanting to create them. Tying a core theme of "peace, love and enlightenment" to his creations, he began building labyrinths in December of 2003 and having them prepared in time for Equinoxes and Solstices.

Over the years many people have found their way to his labyrinths. Unfortunately to date the only labyrinth to remain is his beautiful creation at Lands End. Here people have left him contact information, stories and tokens of thanks. Over time people have found their way to stay in contact with Eduardo, while others randomly find their way to him on the evening of his gatherings.

For the 2004 Winter Solstice Eduardo lit the Lands End Labyrinth with luminaries. More recently for the 2005 Spring Equinox the Lands End Labyrinth was set ablaze. This fiery spectacle was enjoyed by many of his friends and fans. The fire lasted for quite sometime offering those attending the option to view the labyrinth at ground level or from above at various rocky outcrops.

Eduardo is a grounded and talented individual with a great message tied to his work. Modest by nature, he is no different than any other artist; he would love to make his artwork his living and even have one adopted or commissioned by the city. Discussion of participation at Burning Man piques his interest, but would require external funding and/or grants for what he has in mind.

Ultimately Eduardo's passion is in the act of creating and he has been touched by the responses he's received to date with his simple creations. Even he did not expect that his creations would touch as many people as they have and in such profound ways. If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit one of his creations be sure to do so.

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