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Mirror, Mirror
By Helene Goupil (Aug 26, 2015)
Luscious lotions, sweet scents and refreshing cleansers -- everyone loves beauty products so before the season of giving ends, why not get a beauty product for loved ones who have everything? Here are some of the city’s best beauty buys. More »
Love is in the air
By Helene Goupil (Aug 26, 2015)
Everywhere you look, there are flowers and chocolates for sale, and while we can all agree that they are good -- and safe -- bets for Valentine's Day, more personal gifts aren't difficult to find. A little imagination and the gift ideas below are all shoppers need to make sure their Valentines are satisfied. More »
Sweet Dreams are Made of...Miette Confiserie Candy
By Helene Goupil (Feb 30, 2007)
The organic cakes, the sweet Parisian macaroons and the silky pots de crème weren’t enough. Caitlin Williams and Meg Ray are now tempting our sweet tooth with a new store full of chocolates covered in silver metallic wrappers and candy from the four corners of the world. More »
A Sports Boutique For People Who Don't Necessarily Like Sports
By Helene Goupil (Feb 12, 2007)
The Lower Haight is a hip shopping destination in the making -- in the last year, new stores have popped up on Haight Street turning this cheap eats and cheap drinks neighborhood into a serious retail area. The newest kid on the block is D-Structure, a clothing, ski/skate gear and accessories store that opened its doors in late 2006, taking over the space used by a futon furniture store. More »
Quit the Usual Routine and Do Something Fun to Get Fit This Year
By Helene Goupil (Dec 25, 2007)
Why jog on the same treadmill when San Francisco offers some the most unusual -- and fun -- fitness classes? Check out these places and get ready to be sweaty, sore, and fit, in that order. More »
Global Garments
By Helene Goupil (Nov 29, 2006)
Too broke to buy a plane ticket for a shopping spree in Southeast Asia? You’re in luck. We’ve picked stores that let you stock up on cool clothes and accessories from Thailand and India without going in the red. More »
Must-Stops in the Neighborhood
By Helene Goupil (Apr 19, 2006)
Going to the Lower Haight usually means that there is a night of bar hopping and cheap eating in the very near future. For drinking there's Toronado, Molotov's, Mad Dog in the Fog, and Noc Noc, and for good but cheap food perfect for pre- or post-imbibing, there's Naan N' Chutney, Ali Baba's, Rosamunde, and a late snack of pizza from Mythic or Volare's, but lately there's a lot more to this neighborhood than food and drink. More »
A Friendly Store and Art Gallery
By Helene Goupil (Mar 07, 2006)
Among the antiques and furniture stores of the Market Street "deco ghetto" area is a hip newcomer called [b]The Seventh Heart[/b]. Opened in December 2005 by Jessica Cuevas and Mark Hoke, who met almost 14 years ago in a San Jose high school, the store specializes in clothes as well as new and vintage accessories for young urbanites. More »
Elegant With a Capital E
By Helene Goupil (Dec 20, 2006)
When local business owner Levi Strauss started making work pants for miners in 1873, jeans were seen as sturdy and practical pants for the working class. Things have changed quite a bit in the denim world. These days, designers around the world offer luxury jeans and San Francisco's very own denim king, Levi's, is a force with which to be reckoned. More »
Travelers Find Their Way To Get Lost
By Helene Goupil (Oct 25, 2005)
The rocket sign hanging from the front of Get Lost Travel Books, an Upper Market bookstore, marks a major hub of travel literature in the city. Walk in and you'll probably find Lee Azus, the owner, chatting with a customer about a newly released book. More »
Helene Goupil's Articles
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