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I help people clarify their long-term health care plans. About 3 in 4 of us will need long-term care after age 65 according to www.longtermcare.gov.  40% of those currently in skilled care are under age 65, so this type of planning applies to anyone--the earlier, the better.

Long-term care planning is simply exploring all our options, so that our care will not bankrupt or burden fellow family members when health changes and we need assistance with day to day living.

With good planning, my clients have stayed in their own homes after accidents, strokes and illnesses. They were able to hire help--informal help through their own friends and family, or using paid professionals. Extra money for home modifications and equipment has also been helpful, and makes their stay at home easier.

My goal is that my clients enjoy the greatest amount of independence and choice possible when experiencing serious disabling conditions.