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Half Holidays


In the San Francisco gay community, we take our events quite seriously. Why, even this past weekend, while partially marred by the events that transpired over Gay Pride and July Fourth, was more or less replete with some riveting good times. I love the summer for that reason, how even though everyone is getting ragged they just seem to sleep it off in the sun before moving on to the next party. You can always catch up on the summer scene at Dolores Park! If you know the right people that is.

The real kickoff event for the weekend occurred at one of the oldest establishments for les gays in town. At Kimoís on Polk Street, something unique was going down on a July night. While Donna Sachet was desperately attempting to lure shoppers into Under One Roofís Christmas in July Sale, the crew at Kimoís where commemorating another American event. At Tiara Sensation, it was 9/11 in July.

Now, while many thought this idea was gouache and far too soon, I reveled in the idea. You have to laugh to learn from our heritage, so I figured why not add a few beers and dancing boys, right! Boy was I in for a surprise. The event was the full package of offensive, albeit hilarious, 9/11 jokes. There was the paper airplane throwing contest, the playlist that included songs like "Catch Me Iím Falling", "Jump!", and "Through the Fire", and even a photo booth with face holes cut out of the towers with falling bodies plunging into flames. Whoa! Talk about RUDE! Yet, in its creative candor, I knew that the weekend was in for trouble.

As the shocking offensive set up the night before whore off, people where struggling to figure out what to do with themselves. The ungodly mess known as Drunk and Horny was back in full throttle on Saturday, and everyone in attendance told only how drunk they got. It was like the party never happened at all, for what the folks remembered. I (donít really) remember going to Drunk and Horny back in the day, and encourage others to (maybe think twice before you) go and see what itís all about for yourselves!

On Sunday, I had a homemade hangover of my own. But that wasnít about to slow my roll! I headed to the House of Salad video shoot to check out what the kids in the casa where brewing up next. It was good times, with bbq, beers, and not a small schmattering of trannies. They all rolled like the nineties in their throwback attire, and had the onlookers gawking between whether what they where watching was brilliant or repulsive.

Sunday night, I was pooped! I headed to wish Metal Patricia good luck at her benefit at the Finn mansion, and watched some rather amazing drag performances that were to be the yellow brick road to Metalís higher education. Ambrosia Salad took performance of the night, despite my obvious preferential treatment, only because she was able to keep her lip synch rolling even when the music cut out!

But while miss salad was singing to air, what glamazon was ramming her tongue down a bear chest calendar manís throat, at the Bagdad Cafťí of all places! And which two super-hotties did Juanita More snag for her Booty Call go-go dancing positions that will make everyone swoon! And further more, how does she always manage to outdo herself? Well friends, I know the word on the street, and plan to remain as silent as the pavement! My word is my badge of honor, and I never break a Pinkyswear!