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Haiku Tunnel

Life In Permanent Transition

So many films and television shows have been shot in San Francisco that someone unfamiliar with The City's urban geography may be surprised to find a world beyond Pacific Heights. The usual "kook" references are always thrown towards Haight-Ashbury, but what about the residents of the rest of the city?

In Haiku Tunnel, brothers Jacob and Joshua Kornbluth team up to write, direct and produce a film about the ordinary San Franciscan and his permanent state of transition. It may seem odd at first to describe something transitory as being permanent but those familiar with the city's Mission district will understand. In a community where immigrants juggle two cultures, where recent arrivals from New York bemoan the fact that San Francisco is not NYC, and where community activists are constantly changing their agendas, sometimes change is the only constant.

So it is no surprise to find Haiku Tunnel shot between the Mission and Financial districts starring Joshua Kornbluth as a thirty-something temp-work loving advocate named Josh Kornbluth. Josh lives in the Mission, loves his bed, never throws anything away and waits for the beckoning call that would summon his services to an office in need of a temp secretary. Unfortunately, after being called in one Monday morning, he performs beyond the call of duty and is offered a permanent position by his supervisor Marlina (Helen Schumaker). The next morning, after being hired 'perm', things in Josh's world begin to go a bit askew. He now has colleagues to join at the happy hour in the Cyprus room and when he fails to mail seventeen time sensitive letters for Attorney Bob Shelby (Warren Keith), it is fellow colleagues Mindy (Amy Resnick), DaVonne (June Lomena) and Clifford (Brian Thorstenson) who come to rescue to save their fellow secretary.

The film is able to touch on civic aspects of San Francisco without being preachy or told on a soapbox. For example, in one seen Josh finds himself with a yuppyish love interest Julie (Sarah Overman) who takes Josh back to her Mission loft and blurts out "You can smell the ghost of the former artist who lived here!" At once, you feel the wave of gentrification swoop down Josh and crash off him because unlike his artist counterpart, he has remained in the Mission. Another scene finds Josh trying to gain solidarity with a security guard (Brian Keith Russell); both men being on the low rung of the economic ladder. But it should be no surprise to those who have already seen Josh's theatrical version of Haiku Tunnel to find Josh slipping easily into the role of 'Josh' and sending the audience into hysterical fits of laughter. Local theatre audiences will also be pleased to see favorites such as Schumaker and Russell joined alongside with Warren Keith, Amy Resnick and Sara Overman.

Hopefully Haiku Tunnel is just the first of many local theatre acts to make a successful silver-screen conversion.


Haiku Tunnel
rated R
1 hour 30 minutes

Josh Kornbluth
Warren Keith
Amy Resnick
Sarah Overman
June Lomena