Hadestown feat. Thao Nguyen, John Elliott & the Hadestown Orchestra

Event has passed (Sun Dec 12, 2010 - Sun Dec 12, 2010)
Great American Music Hall (GAMH)
Doors @ 7:00pm; Show @ 8:00pm
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" Anaïs Mitchell is already known as a phenomenal singer-songwriter, but now she has proven herself to be a brilliant poet and playwright with her new album Hadestown. " - Muruch.com ::

" Speaking of The Low Anthem, The Low Anthem's Ben Knox Miller recently joined Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Greg Brown, Ani DiFranco, and Petra, Rachel, and Tanya Haden to play on the new record by Anais Mitchell, Hadestown... " - Brooklyn Vegan ::

"When 98% of what passes as music today lacks even the remotest twinge of an idea, thought, emotion or worse--heart--Hadestown and Anaïs Mitchell deserve all the listeners and accolades we can give. Pass it on." - Folk and Acoustic Music Review, March 2010

" The music ranges with classic American folk forms: country gospel, ragtime, blues, and early jazz, to approximations of rock, swing, and avant-garde -- all of it immediate, accessible, and inviting. ...Mitchell doesn't make herself the star, but is nonetheless. She is convincing as Eurydice; her lyrics are poetic, and her melodies unpretentious, yet sophisticated thanks to Chorney's arrangements. This 57-minute work goes by in a flash. Artfully conceived, articulated, and produced, Hadestown raises Mitchell's creative bar exponentially: there isn't anything else remotely like it. " - Allmusic.com, March 2010

" ...a superb and frequently entertaining re-envisioning of a classic tale that also happens to be a ripping good story. ... It's a surpassingly strange and moving work, quite unlike any music I've ever encountered, and further evidence that weird can be wonderful, particularly when the lyrics are as insightful and the music as beautiful as this. " - Paste.com, March 2010

" ...gritty, intelligent folk-pop and soul-flavored music that sometimes also evokes Brecht/Weill..." - Philadelphia Inquirer, March 2010

" An album you can savor over and over again... " Burlington Free Press, March 2010

" It's a musical opera that's unlike any opera you've ever witnessed. It's Indie rock mixed with Dixieland. It's Homer's Odyssey as performed by Pink Floyd. " - blogocritics.org


  1. Great American Music Hall (GAMH)
    859 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA