HAÇETERIA w/ Cherushii {100% SILK - RECORD RELEASE - Live PA}, Glen Jackson {Ceremony Recordings - Live PA} ~ Ben Deplo

Event has passed (Fri Dec 6, 2013 - Fri Dec 6, 2013)
Public Works
9:00pm – 3:00am


☺☺☺ DECEMBER 6 HAÇETERIA ☻ w/ Cherushii {100% SILK - RECORD RELEASE - Live PA}, Glen Jackson {Ceremony Recordings - Live PA} ~ Ben Deploy {Storehouse - 90 MIN DJ SET} ☺☺☺

Cherushii {100% SILK - RECORD RELEASE - Live PA}

Fresh off a recent U.S. tour with Estonian labelmate Maria Minerva, Cherushii makes her second appearance at the Public Works Loft in months, this time headlining with a record release party on one of Haçeteria’s favorite labels, 100% Silk. Already a Haçeteria veteran, we last saw Cherushii under her moniker C. Faith, at a somewhat transitional stage perhaps before arriving at the retro rave and avant-house leanings of recent times.

Chelsea Faith, her unabridged non-moniker, has been gracing the Bay with rave appearances, club night monthlies like Pulse Generator, & side projects such as the Italo-disco tinged Easystreet and her deep house project Faith in Bass for many years.

A multi-instrumentalist since childhood, Chelsea began experimenting with electronics as a teenager, which lead her to begin playing live techno and house at underground raves in the 2000s. She has been working as a live PA, producer, and remixer for 10 years, using her gear savvy and innate musicianship to create lush, retro-futurist productions. Chelsea has releases on SubSensory Recordings and Nude Photo Music, and her debut release as Cherushii appeared on 12″ in November 2013.

From Resident Advisor - - -

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Chelsea Faith is a hardware-based producer and live performer. After dropping out of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in her teens, Chelsea began throwing underground techno parties with DEF in 2003, and organized the only techno-oriented float in the inaugural Love Parade San Francisco in 2004. Shortly after, she began performing her brand of Detroit-influenced techno at electronic music events around the Bay Area and West Coast. In 2008 she moved with her synths and sequencers to Berlin, Germany, to absorb the infamously hedonistic club culture, and spend some time in the studio working on new material. Her resulting debut release, Free Spirit Lost Soul EP, was released on SubSensory Recordings out of Portland, Oregon in February of 2009. Now back in the Bay Area, Chelsea continues to produce and perform her techno-house music, as well as work as producer and songwriter for her Italo-synth-pop band Easystreet.

From No Fear of Pop - - -

Cherushii's setup is double the size of Maria's, with a fascinating assortment of drum machines and glowing mixers – and, no, not the handheld mixer for making batter. These girls, as are many women prevalent in the global techno scene of the moment, are very much in charge of their gear, and their gear is devoted to them […] Cherushii's beats are a little like electric knives, the handles of which glow warm milky neon colors. In this case, instead of consuming some kind of entree, we are consumed by dance.





Glen Jackson {Ceremony Recordings - Live PA}

Chill cuts and deep grooves from our East Bay friend who’s been making the rounds in The Fader, XLR8R and beyond with recent releases on Ceremony Recordings & working with 100% Silk mate Coyote Cleanup.

Glenn Jackson’s been a music addict for as long as he can remember – growing up, he’d rummage through his father’s record collection, steal his brother’s tapes and CDs, and generally make noise with whatever he could find. In middle school, he picked up DJing from a friend and began dabbling in hip-hop production using rudimentary computer programs before eventually, through the magic of Napster, discovering electronic music.

A move to the Bay Area city of Oakland, CA further immersed Jackson in electronic music, studying production at a local art school and interning at the legendary, but sadly now defunct Recombinant Media Labs performance space in San Francisco where academic and experimental electronic performance was pushed to the edge and would open his mind to endless possibilities within electronic productions.

Over the past five years Glenn, who is still based in Oakland, has deservedly made a name for himself. Serving as one half of stoner/synth-pop outfit James & Evander and, more recently, as part of local projects Benefits and Hoodcats; all the while Jackson continues to be a force in pushing his city’s music community to the forefront by throwing events, running Oakland-centric blog Mapzzz, and in 2012 he founded the West in Dust label alongside fellow Oakland resident Elephant & Castle.

Morning Swim marks Glenn’s official debut release and serves as an introduction to the type of productions he both loves and makes his very own by fusing his influences and experiences – sample-heavy, synth-obsessed tracks hitting somewhere between bummed-out house and bliss-leading dance music. - Ceremony Recordings



Ben Deploy {Storehouse - 90 MIN LATE NITE DJ SET}

Originally hailing from Manchester, our pal Ben has been dropping chunes from way back in the rave days through the present. What’s in store is a special 90 minute late night oldschool ‘ardkore trip II the moon set of early rave delights. Been has been active for years in the local scene appearing at late night warehouse ragers and woodsy getaway triptastic breakbeat benders.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Ben explains:

Growing up in Manchester, UK I witnessed Acid House in the newspapers and Altern-8 on TV. Prodigy, Xtc and dehydration. Margaret Thatcher and the ban of the yellow smiley face. What was it all about? Listening to Aphex Twin’s hectic Breakbeats I was turned on to Drum and Bass in 1995 after moving to San Francisco. In 1997, I went to my first warehouse rave.

In February 2002 I moved to Manchester England. Through SOITIZ Acid Techno forum I linked up with Dom Ransom and played for Beatzcentral, a Drum and Bass night. Beatzcentral had me headline one night then later open up for Simon Bassline Smith. A few underground parties, time in the studio with Buzzy Abasi, making tunes with KZA, a radio show and getting to know the locals for two years. With many strong connections made in the North I flew back to San Francisco in 2004 to return to a drum and bass scene with far less energy than it had in 2002.

In the past few years, I have appeared at many underground parties, camp-outs, club nights and internet radio shows. Storehouse is my next focus. All vinyl all old school dance. I specialize in Drum and Bass and Old School dance.



Tristes Trop.


Jason P

9 p.m. -3 a.m.

Friday, December 6

Public Works Loft (Upstairs)

161 Erie St @ Mission/14th

$10 after 11; $5 before

About Haçeteria:

Club Haçeteria was founded with a desire to bring to light dusty records that have for too long been denizens of the dollar bin along with cuts that have been perched upon a pedestal too far out of reach. Haçeteria also tasks itself with the aim to bring outsider tracks from today to a spotlight pointed on the dancefloor. What started as a nod to mid and late 1980s electronic dance music evolved to a hazy laser guided celebration of acid, rave, and more modern incarnations deeply vested in their analog origins. Situated in a rich and vibrant area, Haçeteria curates locally sourced talent to perform live analog hardware sets.

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