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1266 Valencia Street, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.821.1713
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Gypsy Honeymoon is a dream from the exotic land
 of brick and mortar. It is a space that holds reverence
 for the anonymous artisan of the past as well as the
 contemporary creative. It is a petri dish, a goddess
 temple, an ancient French romance.

Gypsy Honeymoon knows that inspiration is found
in the lines of an Art Nouveau bronze mirror or a 
plain 19th century sterling child’s cup; an 80
million year old opal-saturated ammonite, or 
the cerulean blue of a kingfisher feather diadem 
created a hundred years ago; that there is life in
the carving of an 18th century Italian console, 
in the hand-beaten 24 karat gold water-gilding
of a wood, gesso, and rabbit-skin glue frame, 
and that there is desire in a perfectly round, 
handwoven, Ch’ing wedding basket. 

These things were not designed for planned 
obsolescence. They were made to survive, to be 
re-used, re-cycled, and re-loved. 

Gypsy Honeymoon is about locating beauty and
utility in beloved objects that enable us to live com-
fortably day to day, all the while inspiring us divinely.

What is the precious object that describes you, that you 
must bring with you? What is the gift that expresses your
 love, your appreciation? What does the chair look like that
 that tells you you are home? Which painting lets you enter
 it and dream?

The story is: we are all artists dreaming our lives into being every day, and we are all gypsies, migrating from land to land over the years and centuries, like flocks of rainbow-winged birds.

Open your heart. Listen to your muse. And love your every breath. That’s really where the story begins...