Growing Circles Preschool

4221 Howe St, Oakland, CA
+1 510.428.1344
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Vegetarian Preschool in the Piedmont Ave. neighborhood. Oakland, CA


Early childhood goes by fast. We believe every child should have the unhurried chance to fully enjoy this time of innocence, play and exploration. We want kids to be kids. We encourage their natural creativity, intelligence, curiosity, and physical strengths, while setting guidelines for respectful behavior and safety. With a small group of children, we can listen to each child and work with their individual interests and needs. Inspiration, education and hope are provided through playful introductions to art, music, academic concepts and practical skills, cooking, gardening, yoga and lots of different forms of physical activity. Children gain confidence through their creations, embracing their responsibilities and by giving and receiving lots of love. We value a sense of community and family - a place where we all belong. Every day we make new friends on our daily outings and adventures while strengthening our old friendships. 

Children are encouraged to cooperate with each other, share and never hold back laughter. We emphasize a healthy lifestyle filled with nutritious food and plenty of physical activity. We spend as much time out of doors as possible. We help children learn to respect the environment and the delicate balance of all living things. Growing Circles is about making friends, having fun, moving our bodies, learning how to learn and create while practicing good values and embodying a healthy sense of being. 


At Growing Circles the children live and learn a natural lifestyle which includes eating well, helping out, running around, learning about the world, and having lots of fun!