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Great Night Out

"An every gimmick hungry boy digging gold from rock 'n' roll, Grabs the mike to tell us he'll die before he's sold." In the latest scheme to sell more tickets by adding Jam Bands to the roster going sideways due to poor ticket sales, Lollapalooza is calling it quits. So what's next? Would it be sacrilege if Perry joined up with Madonna and religious bands to form Kabballapolooza?

Well I'm personally most bummed about not being able to see the Pixies back at it. The word on the message boards is that their shows rock like hell.

So how long will they make us wait to see the Pixies (which was my main reason for going in the first place)? Here's your consolation prize, generously donated from the kind folks at with only a minimal amount of begging on my part: a pair of tickets to the see the Pixies at the Greek Theater for the Sept 26th show. Yes you do have to wait through the Summer for this, but it will be worth it. The winner be chosen at random from those who email me the complete set of lyrics to the Pixies's song which can be seen as a protest to the French's nuclear weapons testing. The winner will be notified by email by July 7th. Send to your entries to [email protected].

Now for the next couple of weeks:

1. Born in the U.K

Sunday July 4th, Unauthorized Rolling Stones
@ Pier 39
Time: 2:15 PM (The day's festivities start at 11 and run through the fireworks at 9:30 PM
Admission: Free

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than going down to the Pier 39 to see a bunch of Northern California pickers strutting around as Britain's Rolling Stones; you will hear tried and true classics from "Satisfaction" to "Start me up" but surely not any "Stupid Gir"l or "Bitch."

2. Mum's the word

Tuesday July 5th & 6th Mum with Why? & Miss Ohios
@ Great American Music Hall
Time: Doors 7:30 Show 8
Admission: $16.

Why are Icelandic musicians so creative? Probably because it is too friggin' cold to do anything else. The latest export from the land of ice and snow and Bjork, sends along their answer to Sigur Ros. With electronic textures that slowly build up to complex layers of melody and rhythm, Kristin Anna Valtysdottir's tender, melancholic vocals coolly float in and out of the mix. Mum's traditional acoustic instrumentation ranging from melodica, glockenspiel, accordion, keyboards, violin, bowed saw, pump organ to the Chinese harp provides a warm and natural emotive base for their music. They hit the GAMH in support of their current release Summer Make Good that was recorded in an abandoned lighthouse because Bjork had booked out Iceland's only studio.

3. Too experienced

July 9th, Friday: Barrington Levy
With Aziza - Master Drummers of Ghana and DJ Polo Mo'xquuz
@ The Independent
Time: Doors 8, Show 9
Admission: $23 in advance, $25 at the door

The original dancehall killer! Back in the late 80s- mid 90s it was hard to escape his music at any of the major reggae clubs. He began putting out records back in '79 exploring all styles of reggae from rub-a-dub, lovers rock dub and dancehall. Steadily building an amazing stable of classic's with his weed and conscious positive messages, it wasn't until 1985's "Here I Come" & "Under Me Sensi" that established his dancehall killer reputation. This is your chance to hear all the classics you heard in the clubs.

4. Lost Highway

July 9, Friday: An American Starlett w/ Our Lady of the Highway CD Release Party
@ 12 Galaxies
Doors: 8 pm
Admission: $7 advance

Our Lady of the Highway provides the country washed soundtrack for those forlorn lovers traveling on their own edgy lost highway in the middle of a darkened night. Singer Dominic East's suitably elegant and unabashedly romantic vocals wrap around the jangly-strummed and then thrashing distorted guitar, and take you in with his storytelling. Formed back in '96 by Dominic East and Andrew Gerhan with drummer David Clifford, they grew as a primarily acoustic trio in the bike messenger scene to their current incarnation as a foursome. Come on down and join them as they celebrate the debut release About Leaving, on SF's Fog Snob records. Check out their MP3s at

Headliner American Starlet began life as a consortium, founded by SF musician Ian Parks as the only full-time member appearing on vocals and playing an assortment of instruments including the acoustic and electric guitar, the mandolin, the banjo and the fiddle. The group's debut album, Sweet County Lullabies, evoked 50's rock 'n' roll, 60's folk and 90's grunge as well as rootsy Americana.

5. The Mexicali Flamenco Blues

Sunday July 11th : Lila Downs & Souad Massi
@ Stern Grove
Time: 12PM
Admission: FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! All Summer long...

Lila Downs uses her exceptional voice in the indigenous languages of Zapotec, Maya, Nahuatl, and Mixtec to create powerful original music. The daughter of a Mixtec Indian mother and Anglo-American father, Lila began her career at 19, singing in nightclubs from Oaxaca to Philadelphia. Drawing from her Indian heritage and the folklore of a culture steeped in rituals and pride, she connects the past and present with vocals sung in their native language fused with a music mix of jazz, gospel and hip-hop.

Algerian artist Souad Massi creates her own unique musical fusion of classical Algerian music, Andalusian flamenco with Western rock and folk music.

6. We are the Champions... of DUB!

SUNDAY, JULY 11, Heavyweight Dub Champion
@ Elbo Room
featuring Stero Lion, Spellbinder, Illnaughty, Totter Todd, Resurrector and Patch
Time: 9 pm - 2 am
Admission: $6

Dropping the riddim's and FX on their live mix of 50 channels of audio, Heavyweight Dub Champion features three shamanistic sonic alchemists that harmonize and uplift the spiritual warrior power of their audiences. Resurrector, Patch and Totter Todd, also a virtuoso saxophonist, are joined in the mix by DJ Illnaughty- one of the best turntablists in the West- Stero Lion for ceremonial guidance and ragga revolution and the dancehall spell-caster, Spellbinder. Touring to support their upcoming release "Rise of the Champion Nation" which features guests ranging from KRS ONE to Wu Tang's Killah Priest, HDC's musical style is constantly evolving their explorations of the space of dub.