Good Enough for Good Times - feat: Robert Mercurio & Jeff Raines (of Galactic), S. Lott, J. Ashlar (+ Gramps the Vamp)

Event has passed (Fri Oct 21, 2016 - Fri Oct 21, 2016)
Boom Boom Room
9:30pm - 3:00am
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Good Enough for Good Times
Feat. Robert Mercurio (Bass - Galactic)
Jeff Raines (Guitar - Galactic)
Simon Lott (Drums - Robert Walter's 20th Congress)
Joe Ashlar (Keyboards)
Good Enough For Good Times was a product of Hurricane Katrina necessity. In the fall of 2005, whole bands were hard to come by, as many had lost members to post-storm displacement. In search of acts to fill his club’s calendar, Tom Thayer, the managing partner of the Frenchmen Street nightclub d.b.a., asked Mercurio to assemble a new band from available musicians.

Mercurio knew where to find Raines. He also recruited drummer Simon Lott, who hails from more of a jazz background and is also well-versed in hip-hop beats, and keyboardist Joe Ashlar. -

Gramps the Vamp

Arising from a sweat-drenched Halloween house party debut in 2011, the Chicago 7 (sometimes 8 or 9) piece has become equally known for it’s “tight-as-a-rope funk” [My Spilt Milk] as for its dedication to break the funk mold and carve out its own genre. In 2014, after years of surviving on demos and live recordings, Gramps The Vamp released its first official LP, “Gramps The Vamp”, which was produced by Sergio Rios (Orgone, Killion Sound) in North Hollywood, CA. The album’s retro-noir style, which the band half-jokingly calls “Doom Funk,” drew the interest of filmmaker Alaric Rocha, who used over half of the songs as the soundtrack for his 70s inspired horror film “Demonoid (1971)”. In October 2016 the band will release its sophomore effort, “The Cave of 10,000 Eyes”, which brings together afrobeat, ethiopian jazz, and exotica for a further exploration into the dark, wild, and strange side of the funk.

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