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You are the Palette

Since I chopped my mid-back length locks above chin level, I have been addicted to getting haircuts. It seems that the shorter it gets, the more often I find myself anxious to get back to the hair dresser before the shape loses its fresh factor. Of course, it helps that the salon I go to doubles as an art gallery and that the employees seem to all operate according to the philosophy of "You're pretty… We'll make you flawless!"

From when you first set foot in the brightly painted and decorated space to getting your hair washed while you sit in a sparkly teal plush chair to everything else, your experience at Glama-Rama is bound to leave you feeling beautiful and excited for your next visit.

My very first visit with stylist Suzie got me hooked, and I've been going to her for hair cuts ever since. Recently I stumbled into the world of extensions – something I definitely didn't see coming. We've all seen the horrendous, tacky clip-on fake hair that stick every which way, in colors reminiscent of your school-day crayon boxes. But extensions actually come in your choice of human and synthetic hairs, and you can go punky or natural.

Since my hair is very dark, achieving any sort of light colors kills it, and the color washes out pretty quickly from the damaged strands. Even so, I never thought about extensions. It was Suzie who I have to thank for my new, easy-to-manage and easy-to-morph look. Pricing for extensions ranges can rocket upwards of $500 for a full head, but the few selectively placed strands I got by Christian only set me back $50. The particular method used to affix the hair to mine involved heating the base of the extensions to the roots of my hair. It was quick and absolutely painless.

Hair extensions are actually the most popular special service, according to manager Johnny Katt. Some get them for overall lengthening, and the other choice (which I opted for) was to use them as color chunks and highlights. The cutting edge haircuts and innovative, creative color are big draws for Glama-Rama and you need only look around at your stylist for assurance that the employees' edgy style will transfer to you in some shape or form.

Hair cuts range from $50-$60. A single color dye job runs upwards of $65 and highlights $75 and above. When junior stylists are available, you can also get discounted rates. In addition to hair treatments, Christian and Kennedy specialize in wig styling, and Oui Three Queens provides custom makeup and beauty treatments.

Oui Three Queens offers not only custom blended makeup -- lip glosses, lipsticks, eye/cheek shimmers, concealer and foundation -- but also various beauty tools and holistic skin care options. Some of those that appealed to me were the Oolong Tea/Carrot Oil Eye Cream ($25), Lavender Peel-Off Mask ($25) and Avocado/Ginger Moisture Cream ($20). Think Sephora but much more personalized.

In addition to the products, Oui Three Queens also offers makeup services ranging from "Basic Beautification" ($75) to "What a Drag!!! -- Cross Gender Makeup Application" ($125 and absolutely amazing), to various wedding makeup application packages. For $750 you get hair styling and makeup application for the bride plus four. Image Services include personal shopping ($75 per hour) and makeup parties ($125 per hour).

Since its modest beginnings as a two-chair salon in 1997, Glama-Rama has gone through two expansions. Now it occupies the entire bottom floor of the building and has ample space for art installations. Typically, art shows, curated by Johnny, happen bi-monthly with opening soirees on Sundays. Glama-Rama has been the starting point for many artists as the venue for their first show. One of my favorite installations involved a bunch of art guitars decked out in crazy colors and textures. Artists have included Jason Mecier and Andrew Schoultz. Schoultz's work can be seen on the mural he did for The Apartment on 18th Street and Lexington.

The staff at Glama-Rama is also very multi-talented. Stylist Santa Barrios is a fashion designer and creator/owner of Sophistafunk with her own line of accessories. Owner Deena Davenport is a film producer and award-winning drag king and queen. Stylist Jennifer Hoffman doubles as an "Incredibly Strange Wrestler" and is a member of the Bay Area Roller Derby. Johnny frequently appears on the Trannyshack stage and around town in one of his many character creations. Stylist Princess Kennedy is the singer for drag-rock band Pepperspray. Oui Three Queens owner Evan is an ordained minister and can perform your wedding ceremony and write a service for you.

The fun, talented all-star cast at Glama-Rama is poised and ready to amplify your beauty, so really, darling, what are you waiting for? Whether it's a bit of everyday glamour or a special occasion you need primping for, Glama-Rama is the answer.