Girl Fest Opening Night

Event has passed (Thu Jul 19, 2007 - Thu Jul 19, 2007)
Cafe du Nord
$0.00 - $15.00
City, Music
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Our mission is to change peer culture in order to prevent increasing violence against women and girls through education, entertainment and positive representations of women. When girls experience sexual abuse, they more often than not do not seek help or call hotlines or tell their parents. They ask their friends for help, friends who are not equipped to handle situations such as abuse.

Girl Fest will expose young women to positive role models, encouragement, and more choices on how to avoid violent relationships and occurrences and information on resources available to them for counselling, support, shelter and legal advocacy. This is an event to educate the community to prevent the rise in violence.

Since women make up half of the population, when they suffer from economic or physical violence, the ripples are felt society-wide and through generations. Children, spouses, friends, co-workers and even grandchildren are affected. Police and hospital resources are overburdened, as well as social services.

The theme of this year's fest is stopping violence against women and girls. The goal of the fest is to:

1) create broad awareness of the contemporary economic and social issues that face women

2) introduce positive role models to young girls

3) create a venue for organizational networking on the subject to form progressive relationships by and between organizations that work in various ways to end violence against women and girls

4) inspire, entertain, and engage audiences with artistic and intellectual expression with a positive message

5) educate youth and adults through educational curricula and hands-on workshops about healing after abuse through progressive arts therapy, societal and individual prevention of violence, community resources, and positive self-expression

6) change peer culture to prevent future violence.

Girl Fest Bay Area has begun uniting young men and women, local small business owners, artists and other concerned citizens who are all volunteering their time toward realizing one mission: to prevent violence against women and girls through education and entertainment.


  1. Cafe du Nord
    2174 Market Street, San Francisco, CA