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Getting Trashed

Trash is it. It's not about a stranded sneaker on the corner waste bin or the sticky filth on Market Street. This trash is literally on our backs as the latest fashion statement.

Call it what you will-white trash fashion, trailer park threads or trash couture - it's in force and happening. London is so enamored that they recently opened a new salon called "Trash Couture". On a recent visit to New York City, I even mistook a close friend, who is a model, as a bum. He was dressed in tattered jeans, flip flops, a raggedy flannel shirt and a wife beater's shirt. The crowning glory was his messy blonde hair peeking from underneath a Von Dutch cap (available at You Get Results With).

I scoured San Francisco looking for that white trash look. My first stop was Rehab in Upper Haight. Here you can find a selection of trucker caps on display. There's even a wife beater's tank top with Mona Lisa holding a machine gun. It screams classy trash.

Peter Som, a native California designer who is based in New York, named his latest collection "Trash Couture". It features a ruched white rag that is shredded and beaded with precision. All yours for a tasty sum of $3,215. No doubt, you can make your own trash fashions by finding your 'once forgotten' outfit, slashing it with a dull butter knife and studding it with the appropriate popular culture prop.

It is somewhat difficult to find trailer trash threads in our city but our web-based world makes anything accessible. Jolene Sugarbaker, mastermind of Trailer Park Couture is where you'll find tees that read "Bingo Babe" or "Don't make me slap you with my Flip-Flop." They are hitting retail stores next year but are presently available at

There's also the accessory that helps accompany any white trash slogan. White Trash Charms, available at Ooma, is Gwen Stefani's (band member from No Doubt) personal favorite. Brooke Dulien, Gwen's personal friend, designs the luxury precious metal jewelry that has received countless 'bling bling' attention on "Sex in the City."

Fashion never makes sense and that is its charm. So if you want to work the latest trash trend, you can do it without having to watch NASCAR or Jerry Springer. Grab a trucker's cap and step it up with earrings that bling "Lady Luck."

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