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Getting Pink-Eyed

The latest epidemic to spread is not another strain of mad cow disease or bird flu but rather pink eye. Everywhere you turn in this city, an eyeful of pinks will surely attack you.

Pink appears mostly in February but the color's staying power will continue well into the summer. Pink is so permanent that Thomas Pink, the well-established boutique in Union Square and Pink Stripes, the newly opened store in the Mission, own the color in their store names.

Varying intensities of pink appear in almost every Spring/Summer collection from high fashion to mainstream fashion. Luca Luca offers soft pink powder dresses that are offset with matching satin bows in pink or lavender. Banana Republic also offers its pinkest collection ever with cerise pink ladycoats ($198) and hot pink strapless brocade dresses ($168).

The color transcends all decades. At La Rosa Vintage Boutique, a 1950s sleeveless salmon pink circle dress ($125) hangs amidst other great finds that hail from other eras. One in particular is a 1930s pale pink flapper dress with silver sequins that run down the front ($100).

Pink spans not only time but also genders. Thomas Pink offers slim fitted shirts and ties with subtle pink stripes that offer just the right metrosexual touch to any man's wardrobe. The Target Oval Pink cufflink ($95), an oval link sliced with an array of red, wine and pinks, is the perfect accessory to metrosex any suit. Women can choose one of many bright pink cocktail rings ($9.99) that are available at Pink Stripes.

If you simply cannot wear the red-white mixture then use it. In the Mission you will find sets of fancy pink poodle or flaming flamingo swizzle sticks ($6) by Accoutrements at Therapy. Wingard in Cow Hollow offers suspended steel Mo-bi-le-os in bubble pink ($40) to enliven any drab wall. Better yet, the pink hill heather plant ($7.75) at Current is the perfect plant for this season because it bursts into thousands of baby bell-shaped bulbs to ring in the season's hottest color.

Alas Apple Computer lets you listen to Pink. Download Pink's latest tunes on the new iPod mini in- yes- shiny pink. The new mini sells for $249 and can store up to 1,000 tunes. They hit stores February 20th at 6pm. CompUSA will carry them beginning March 1st.

You won't be able to escape this pink affliction for the next coming months. If you truly find yourself getting too pink-eyed then grab a Cosmopolitan. Maybe that is the perfect Visine to cure this affliction.