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1920s Glam Done Two Ways
By Genevieve Robertson (Feb 21, 2016)
There’s been a buzz around the city lately. Two new bars are attempting to bring back the days of passwords, secret entrances, and enticing cocktails. There have always been bars in the city that tout their speakeasy history, like Café du Nord and the Empire Plush Room, but their pasts seem to be just that -- history. Both [b]Bourbon and Branch[/b] and [b]Slide[/b] have set out to transport you to an era where flappers held court and the cocktail was king. More »
Pull Up a Stool
By Genevieve Robertson (Jun 06, 2011)
Dining at the bar is my favorite way to experience a restaurant, and I'm amazed at how many people don't think of it, or shun the idea when they show up sans reservation. Often it's the only way to dine spontaneously at many of the city's best restaurants. And while I've had many truly elegant dinners atop a bar stool, there's often a casualness that makes you feel more a part of the action. More »
Bella Chicas Everywhere
By Genevieve Robertson (Mar 03, 2009)
Even though the bar at this new-ish Destino offshoot was empty just before 6pm on a recent Tuesday for cocktails and tapas, within a half hour Pisco Latin Lounge was in full swing with its weekly lesbian social “Lez Ladies Night". With a couple of weeklies (there’s a Brazilian night on Wednesdays), a nightly social hour offering drink specials from 5-7 pm, tapas service until midnight or later every day but Sunday, and extended hours and tapas specials on Tuesday and Wednesday, who can blame the crowds? More »
An Italian Escape in the Lower Haight
By Genevieve Robertson (Sep 24, 2008)
The Lower Haight isn’t known for high-end dining or hot spots. But with the addition of Uva Enoteca, Molotov’s is now sandwiched between some real polish with RNM on the other side. With Uva, friends and owners Boris Nemchenok and Ben Hetzel have created a jewel of a spot in the center of the gritty lower Haight. With pristine white walls, warm wood and an exposed brick wall, the space is both inviting and unpretentious. Even when packed, there’s an air of calm that pulls you in; you just can’t help but want to sit at those glossy wood tables and swirl the crystalline glasses. More »
Defining the “Drink Kitchen”
By Genevieve Robertson (Jun 11, 2008)
Tablespoon has undergone a change of identity. The sleek, minimalist dining destination has been reinvented — with a bit more edge — into what’s been dubbed a “drink kitchen.” Bar Johnny is a place to stop in for handcrafted cocktails and simple, munchable comfort food executed with flair. More »
No Invitation Required
By Genevieve Robertson (Mar 25, 2008)
Everyone loves the idea of a “neighborhood” restaurant -- that little gem just down the street where you can almost always snag a table and run into someone you know. In San Francisco, or in any city for that matter, the concept seems to mostly be just that: a concept. In the case of Bar Jules however, chef/owner Jessica Boncutter seems to have created a true neighborhood spot. More »
A Roman Holiday on Fillmore
By Genevieve Robertson (Jan 09, 2008)
SPQR. It’s an esoteric name and not even close to snappy, being the abbreviation of [i]Senatus Populusque Romanus[/i] (the Senate and the Roman People). Despite a few ho-hum reports from foodie civilians in the field, with the culinary darlings of A16 behind the venture and the concomitant buzz that started months before its Fall 2007 opening, SPQR has found ringing success in the old Chez Nous space in San Francisco's upper Fillmore district. More »
Upscale Venetian in the New Westin Hotel
By Genevieve Robertson (Oct 09, 2007)
Ducca is a new addition to the San Francisco dining scene, and while yes, it is located adjacent to the new Westin Hotel on Third, having a bed upstairs isn’t the only reason to visit. Ducca’s 28-year-old executive chef Richard J. Corbo (Mecca, Gary Danko) has crafted a pleasing Venetian menu stocked with trendy paisano treats like salumi and cichetti -- rustic bar snacks similar to petite salami sandwiches, marinated sardines, arancini, olives, and grilled vegetables. Despite a few hitches, the cuisine at Ducca should appeal to most foodies. More »
Classic Italian finds a home beyond North Beach
By Genevieve Robertson (Jun 11, 2007)
Italian restaurants open to much skepticism in this city. The standouts are definitely a cut above the rest and are hard to compete with. As one of the newest kids in town, Chiaroscuro faces a challenge to be sure, but this taste of Rome seems to have found a home away from the masses at the base of the Transamerica building. More »
Filling a void in SOMA
By Genevieve Robertson (Apr 10, 2007)
Remember when fondue was all the rage and not only could you find it on most menus but restaurants also started popping up that were entirely devoted to the dipping craze? Well, wine bars seem to be the newest fashion, especially those that offer small plates to nosh on. While wine and gooey cheese dips are different ends of the longevity scale, this recent outcropping still begs the question: does every neighborhood need its own wine bar … or two? More »
genevieve robertson's Articles
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