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at The Warfield 9/10

It's hard to believe that it's been over ten years since Garbage first hit the charts with their dark ode to girls- who-aren't-true-to-themselves ("Stupid Girl") in their self-titled debut album. Garbage has consistently churned out solidly entertaining music that successfully amalgamates alternative rock with electronica. It's a sound that clearly still resonates with fans.

Four years, a band breakup, and a divorce occurred between the release of Garbage's last album and Bleed Like Me (released on 4/25/2005). Despite this lengthy delay between albums, if the critical response to Garbage's latest effort is any indication, they have not lost any of their energy and musical creativity. Additionally, Garbage's fans, by and large, have not lost the faith.

The band have been true road warriors since beginning the Bleed Like Me tour in support of their album in early March. Just last week the band regretfully announced the cancellation of several tour dates in the UK. Overextended, Garbage will wrap things up at the end of September in Australia. Garbage brings their energy and unique sound to San Francisco next Saturday, 9/10 at the Warfield @ 8pm.