New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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Fujiya & Miyagi at Mezzanine

Can’t Stop the Beat

For a venue buried in an alley between Mission and Market and 5th and 6th Streets, The Mezzanine is tough to ignore. Armed with too many lighting rigs, disco balls and bars, the venue provides a cavernous home for party-rock and its excesses.

The bands and deejays making dance music more popular than ever have taken note. Just as the artists on labels like Ed Banger and DFA meld pop hooks and huge riffs into dancefloor magic, Mezzanine's crowds look like fans of The Faint five years ago materializing at a Paul Oakenfold show ten years ago: Yupp-ified rave graduates teaching their spouses how to figure-eight; hipster file-sharers spilling Red Stripe on their own cowboy boots; and parachute pants-wearing, lightstick-wielding post-adolescents in Orbital shirts finding new ways to keep the trance dream alive. For these disparate tribes Mezzanine is a strange incubator.

Said tribes should populate the circus on Friday, October 12th, as the post free-Radiohead world celebrates a little harder and Mezzanine hosts dance-rock champions Fujiya & Miyagi. This trio from Brighton, England discovered that Hot Chip-style arrangements sound great with LCD Soundsystem’s brio and has been on tour ever since.

But doesn’t Hot Chip have LCD’s brio, too? And doesn’t LCD have Hot Chip style arrangements? That’s all beside the point, where the party goes until 3am and hundreds of 24-hour-party-people groove to songs from F&J’s year-old opus, Transparent Things.

The music checks out. Crisp electro-rock with breathy vocals and smart lyrics arrive in the speakers, hermetic seal intact. The band is thematically concerned with keeping it fresh: "Got to get a new pair of shoes/to kick it with her/to kick it with you/sock it to me," sings David Best on the single, "Collarbone". Music about going out should always be this essential. At the Mezzanine, that’s often the case.

Fujiya & Miyagi
also performing: Project Jenny, Project Jan and DJ’s Lipton Whitaker and Magnum
at Mezzanine, Friday, Oct 12th, 9pm
tickets: $15