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Frite Nite

Last Night a DJ Saved My LIfe

If you live and party or live to party in San Francisco, chances are youíve probably been to a show where youíre not quite sure what to think of the lineup when it features everything from electro-rock to hip hop.

Well, this Friday, itís time to shake off those feelings and come participate in a full-fledged dance party featuring local favorites Hot Tub, Tenderlions, Kool Karlo, and the Frite Nite DJs holding it down. We tracked down two of our favorite Frite Nite DJs who will both be playing the upstairs room at Public works to answer some questions about their label. Donít miss B. Bravo and Epcot rocking the decks with their choice of everything from UK grime to hip-hop.

SF Station (SFS): Tell us your favorite part of being part of Frite Nite.

B. Bravo (B): Just knowing that you have an incredibly talented group supporting you. We're always around to bounce ideas off each other or collaborate or just hang out.

Epcot (E): The free champagne.

SFS: It's quite an eclectic label, with everything ranging from grime to hip hop. Is it tough to categorize Frite Nite, or do you think it's better that you guys represent all sorts of genres?

B: We donít like genres. We do the music we feel. We make soulful music that is meant to inspire, excite, and make you move on the dance floor.

E: I think it is very important to be tough to categorize.

SFS: What's the most inspiring portion of this label for each of you?

B: Just seeing your folks progress everyday. Also, playing live with the crew, and getting out to parties and hearing the music at full volume!

SFS: Like the Alpha Pup label, you represent a wide array of artists. If Frite Nite could collaborate with any other label, which would it be?

B: I'd say Stones Throw. I like the music they release.

E: Butterz.

SFS: What are you guys looking forward to for the Le Heat party on Friday?

B: I wanna make people sweat and I want to hear some mind blowing stuff from the other performers. When I go out, I want to hear stuff I've never heard before. I want go home inspired and on a mission. I hope to give that same gift back to people who listen to my sets.

E: I personally am looking forward to free champagne.

SFS: How do you transition into each other's sounds?

B: Itís all freestyled. Just feel the vibe and follow your instincts.

SFS: What are each of you are looking forward to in each other's sets? We hardly see you play together?

B: I just want see Epcot dance. He works it out, and he'll probably play some exclusive dubs that I ain't got yet!

E: I always look forward to seeing what brand of designer sunglasses Bravo wears when he plays.

SFS: And lastly, what would your ideal crowd be next Friday?

B: Girls, girls, girls! No, just kidding ó but not really. I just want open-minded people who are ready to absorb some new sounds and dance their asses off.

E: Models, actresses, athletes, and rappers.

B. Bravo and Epcot perform at Public Works on Friday. Entry is $5 before 11pm, $10 after. The first 50 people to RSVP to [email protected] get in for $5 before midnight.