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four tet - everything ecstatic

Released: May 31 on Domino

<i>everything ecstatic</i> is an album that cross- pollinates colorful beats from around the world into a concise 42 minute disc. A glimpse into Kieran Hebden's mind and you might be following the long winding path back 80 some years ago when the Dada art movement was just blooming.

It's a balanced work that follows an incongruent path. Not that it is exceedingly better than other instrumental electronic work out today, but it does not lull at any one point before becoming all together brand new and unexpected. I'm quite honestly excited when I think of the next time I can pull out the insert just to stick my nose in that fresh glossy smell and take that euphoric trip to the woods or just across the street.

Stars: 3.5 out of 5 stars