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Foo Fighters: In Your Honor

Ten Years of Fighting the Foo -- Released on RCA records, 6.14.05

It's hard to believe that a band that was initially dismissed as a Nirvana spin off band has now been in business for ten plus years. God, I feel old. <i>In Your Honor</i> is a milestone (and celebration) of the decade of music the Dave Grohl-led Foo Fighters have produced. One can only hope Grohl and his bandmates stick together for at least another decade to continue creating music of this caliber.

<i>In Your Honor</i> is the Foo Fighters magnum opus and is essentially two full-length albums. It's a wonderful idea, really. Each album represents the yin and yang of the Foo Fighters. One album is dedicated solely to the aggressive, rock ballads the Foo Fighters have won many a fan with. The second album reflects the softer, gentler more acoustic side of the Foo Fighters with guest artists Norah Jones and John Paul Jones lending their artistic talents.

The 'yin' album erupts with the aggressive "In Your Honor" and sets the tone for the remaining nine tracks. "Best Of You" is also a stand out track engaging with pounding guitar riffs and mournful lyrics such as, "Has someone taken your faith? It's real, the pain you feel. You trust, you must, confess, is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?" The 'yin' album beautifully captures one side of the Foo Fighters creative abilities.

The 'yang' album reflects the softer sensibilities of the Foo Fighters. The more reflective, contemplative side of Grohl and crew is reflected in tracks such as "What If I Do", a song that reflects a man's inner torment over his beloved. "Cold Day In The Sun" is another compelling track that delves into the confusion of an ex-lover who struggles to be alone. The 'yang' album wonderfully complements the aggressive sound of the 'yin' album with a more acoustic, languid sound.

Dave Grohl hopes that <i>In Your Honor</i> becomes the definitive Foo Fighters album. <i>In Your Honor</i> has all of the Foo Fighter's musical and artistic strengths on display and few glaring weaknesses. But, one has to believe this talented bunch has much more left in them. One can only hope that <i>In Your Honor</i> is merely the zenith of their first decade of creative output with more excellent songs in the wait.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars