Focus on Distribution - how to reach bigger audiences with your videos

Fri Mar 2
San Francisco
08:30 AM
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What impact are your video stories supposed to have if they sit on YouTube with a couple hundred views?  
Sometimes you might get lucky and end up with compelling videos that reach huge audiences. Other times, despite your best efforts, they will linger. Trying to get short films watched by large audiences can feel like the ultimate game of Lotto and you're always on the losing end.
It doesn't have to be this way.  Learn what we did to go from 200 views to 100k+ organic views on our short films.
We spent more than a year to extract the lessons from our most successful films (the ones that reached millions of people, helped to raise millions of dollars and helped to advance legislation), so that you could know what it takes to replicate them. We also looked closely at the films we produced that went nowhere (the ones that drove us mad!) and extracted the pitfalls for you to avoid. The result is not only a course, but a framework and a methodology that you can apply to get more consistent results, so that you too can deliver on the promise of video.
If you are a filmmaker or work in communications at a purpose-driven organization and are ready to leverage the power of video, then this first-of-its-kind course is designed to help you reach more expansive audiences with your video stories.
You will learn:
- how to get a better sense of  your audience
- how to convert inspiration into action
- how to choose the best channels for your video stories
- how to distribute strategically and reach expansive audiences with your short films

and you will walk away with:
- an Audience Listening Routine
- your Primary Audience Portrait
- a personalized collection of Requests to make of your audience
- a list of Distribution Channels that make most sense for your video stories
- Distribution Categories, Targets and Angles 
- a Landing Page Assets Checklist
- a customized initial structure of your Distribution Plan

About the Instructor 
Natasha Deganello Giraudie is an independent documentary filmmaker, a teacher and a pioneer of the micro-documentary genre. Her recent series of short films on overcoming the homelessness crisis in San Francisco has reached an expansive audience with more than 750 thousand organic views online and was broadcast to more than 100 million people. As founder and Creative Director of Micro-Documentaries, she helped to pioneer the genre by producing short films in more than 30 countries to help social and environmental leaders raise millions of dollars, advance legislation and strengthen thought leadership. Natasha is a frequent teacher at Stanford University and other universities on topics of visual storytelling, social innovation and living a purposeful life. She currently chairs the board of directors of the Dalai Lama Fellows and serves as an Advisor for the Biomimicry Institute.
"Natasha’s talks are invaluable for our students. She turns her cutting edge experience in new media and new organizational structures into inspiring and enlightening anecdotes and insights."
- Scott Doorley, professor,, Stanford University
“The framework was so eye-opening. It was all presented clearly, with great examples. I feel like I can use these learnings not just for video storytelling but all storytelling.”
- Anne Kavanagh, Editorial Director, UCSF

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for filmmakers and for people working in purpose-driven organizations who are including video in their communications plans and are ready to leverage the power of video through better distribution. You might work in communications or development. You might be an experienced leader with expertise in other areas of communications or you might be in the earlier years of your career and looking to develop the practical and strategic skills and confidence for making the most of video stories.
What is the return on investment?
What would it be worth to you and your organization if: You didn't have to spend dozens of hours and tens of thousands of dollars reinventing the wheel of video-story distribution?  You didn't have to produce another video story that would remain unseen by large audiences?  You could significantly advance your organization's mission with strategic video distribution?  You could energize your team by showing them results of their hard work?
What are the online video lessons in the Online Bundle?
The Online Bundle gives you access both to the in-person workshop and to the recorded video lessons from the workshop so that you can have them to refer back to and review them at your leisure after the workshop has ended.
What is the Private Facebook Group that is included with the Online Bundle?
The Private, Member-Only Facebook Group is a bonus of the Online Bundle.   While the workshop takes you by the hand and leads you every step of the way, your journey will be enhanced by engaging with others who have chosen the same path, after the workshop has ended. The insight and support generated by the group will enable you to:
- tap into a trusted community for new ideas, insights and inspiration.
- ask questions and troubleshoot challenges standing in your way
- get an extra set of eyes on every piece of your video story system from those in a community who are in the trenches with you
- invite your new friends to watch and share your videos
This is a private community of communications leaders who are building a better world for all of us and who are serious about producing compelling video stories and getting them in front of huge audiences.
If I purchase the Online Bundle will I be able to access all of the lessons at once?
Yes - within 1 week of the workshop, you will have access to all of the video lessons and access to the Private Facebook Group.
Do you offer scholarships?
Our hope is to offer this course for the benefit of a wide range of people and as much as we have tried to make it as affordable as possible, we realize that the price might not be as accessible in all circumstances.  For this reason, we are happy to offer a number of discounted scholarships.  Please apply here. 


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