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Drink Up!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

We all know thereís an oil crisis, but a water crisis? According to documentarian Irena Salina, thatís exactly our next problem. Salina crafts a documentary scanning the globe getting down to the core of this crisis. She enlists scientists and experts as well as everyday people already affected by the impending dilemma.

Itís quite hard to watch entire villages in South Africa survive off of one small tap that can go dry for weeks, forcing them to drink from a contaminated river. However, this is just where it begins. Soon familiar companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle come into the picture as they single handedly destroy entire towns and villages for their bottled water (which isnít any better than tap water, by the way, it can be much worse).

And itís not just the small villages in India being destroyed, but the small towns in Michigan that are being tapped dry of their natural resource! Yup, thatís right, your bottled water isnít coming from a magnificent glacier in Alaska or the Arctic -- itís coming from your own backyard. Weíre basically paying for whatís free in millions of kitchens.

While the film does expertly lay out its argument, and youíll immediately buy it, it lacks an originality that will set it apart from other documentaries. Itís something high school teachers will show to their students as they fight the urge to doze off. Salina could add some creativity to her filmmaking, but the substance she has is excellent and itís a message that everyone should hear.