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-- What is Floatation?
-- Floating is a technique where you float in 800lbs of Epsom salt dissolved in warm water in a climate controlled environment with light and sound attenuated out. This creates a unique environment where the body experiences weightlessness as you float effortlessly and the Epsom salt relaxes the muscles.This is the deepest state of relaxation ever researched.
-- Why would I float?
-- Stress has been researched as the leading cause of ALL diseases and relaxation is the remedy. It is a natural alternative to medication for stress, anxiety, depression, pain, sleep disorders, habit breaking and many more.
-- Why else would I float?
-- Relaxation sharpens the mind, and the mind is our tool for perceiving our lives. When one feels that they are in control of their lives, their life experiences are much richer. When your mind is focused, it has the capacity for greater problem solving, clarity and awareness, creativity and more.