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Fired Up

A Smoldering Mess

Rating: 0.5 out of 5 stars.

If thereís one thing we need more of itís cheerleading films. The world of cheerleading is rife with mystery, intrigue, and complexity. Director Will Gluck smartly noticed this and came up with a mashup of [Bring It On and Wedding Crashers. The unfortunate outcome is Fired Up which lacks any of the entertaining qualities the aforementioned films might have had.

Nick (Eric Christian Olsen) and Shawn (Nicholas DíAgosto) play two hypersexed high school football studs who are solely motivated by the desire to nail, bang, shag, or bag any female that wonders across their path. In other words, these guys are a well spring of depth and theyíre charming to boot!

At any rate, these two raging young sex addicts stumble onto an opportunity to go away to "Cheer Camp" and surround themselves with sexy, nubile, and naturally willing female cheerleaders. Sexual hijinks ensue and, inevitably, one of them starts to actually fall for one of the cheerleaders (a la the Owen Wilson character from Wedding Crashers).

One of the major problems (aside from the vapid story) is that Nick and Shawn just arenít likable. Theyíre complete pigs. Itís one thing to be a horny, adolescent dude, but part of what works with good teen sex comedies (i.e. Superbad) is that the characters usually have at least one other side to them. In other words, the kids seem like normal, awkward kids and hence, they are vaguely recognizable.

Nick and Shawn are one dimensional (if that) caricatures. Director Gluck and screenwriter Freedom Jones feebly try to make Nick and Shawn redeemable by giving both of them preternaturally sharp tongues. For guys who are seemingly complete horndog meatheads, they sure are eloquent, but itís not believable.

Eric Christian Olsen is the kind of comedic actor that canít seem to decide if he wants to be Jim Carrey, Bill Murray, or Vince Vaughn. So, what we get is a weird mix of idiosyncrasies, verbal tics, and utterances that vaguely resemble all three in his turn as Nick. Itís disconcerting and usually not that funny.

Nicholas DíAgosto is the Owen Wilson to Olsenís Vince Vaughn and painfully boring most of the time. At least with Olsenís character you get a few awkward moments and maybe a laugh if youíre lucky. These two are likely the lamest lotharios ever.

Rounding things out is a portrayal of women that is pretty nauseating. There really is no redeemable female in the film. But, at least Fired Up is balanced as there are no redeemable men in the film either. I should also mention there are no laughs to be had.