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Expose Yourself

Independent Exposure at 111 Minna Gallery

There aren't a lot of places in this town where you can see experimental films. If you walked into most Bay Area theaters, you'd be hard pressed to find anything in this genre. Which makes Independent Exposure, a monthly program featuring experimental shorts, all the more rare and unique.

Not everyone can deal with 'experimental' films, but the programmers for the upcoming show on July 30th have a perfect balance of the bizarre and difficult to the funny, low-brow and accessible. All of the shorts are between the low-attention span lengths of 1:50 to 12:50 minutes, so each piece will glide past you.

Highlights include: "Cellular Crimes" by Brett Simon and Lily Prillinger which is a darkly humorous (rhyming) look at everyone's pet peeve at movies, Lev's "Tales of Mere Existence" which offers thoughts on life - sex, society, beauty- through a series of quick vignettes illustrated by clever, dirty drawings. For those who are musically inclined there's "Film Music" by Stephanie Bolt and Eric Lesdema. It plays like a music video (but much better than the crap on MTV) with great music and pixilated images.

Todd Lincoln's "Leave Luck to Heaven" is a series of disparate yet highly stylized pieces on life in the modern world- subjects include a camcorder shoot-out, a video game that plays homage to Atari-generation technology, and picnics in the middle of the highway. It's the longest piece in the program at a whopping 12:46 minutes. The filmmaker struts his skills and proves himself as an up-and-coming director. The funniest short comes from Australia- aptly named "Shit Party". In this animated piece, directed by David Blumenstein, a couple of hors d'oeuvres stage a gastro-intestinal riot inside one unlucky New Year reveler.

The last short was one of the audience favorites at the SF International Asian American Film Festival. "Profiles in Science" by Wes Kim explores a breakthrough in technology called Chungian Motion that adds a new twist to all those science movies you saw in high school.

Why not swing by 111 Minna for some drinks after work and make a night out of it? There are some shorts here that you should definitely catch!


Independent Exposure
A Collection of Short, Independent, Experimental Films
July 30, August 27, September 24, & October 29
At 111 Minna Street Gallery