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Explosive Compulsive

Three Artists Draw From Interior and Exterior Spaces

Organized by Luggage Store directors Laurie Lazer and Darryl Smith, Explosive Compulsive juxtaposes the work of two New York-based artists, Reed Anderson and Jen Liu, with local Adriane Colburn in a harried frenzy of painted, pasted, drawn and collaged-upon works on paper that, in the gallery's words, "explore consciousness, the built environment, and the natural world." As one could gather from such a claim, these works function as deeply personal, interpretive maps -- expeditions into the uncharted territories that exist within and between both the physical and metaphysical realms.

Liu and Anderson seem to revel in such journeys, as both employ explosive use of color and pattern, along with a dynamic sense of space, whether real or imagined. Drawing upon historical and pop-cultural references from Dürer to television, Liu's fantastical scenes oscillate between utopian and apocalyptic ideals, casting doubt upon both as man annihilates nature -- and vice versa -- in a showdown of Technicolor proportions. Liu's drawings seem to evolve organically, from deep within the imagination, as time and space appear to have slipped past the stern gaze of synchronicity.

Anderson, too, sends us into a spatial tailspin, though in a more actual, physical sense. He has excised bits and pieces from his massive circular drawings, forming patterns that allow shadow and light to dance behind them. Brightly drawn critters, flora, and fauna play off of more rigid, geometric shapes in kaleidoscopic revelry; Anderson's use of splattered, spun, and airbrushed acrylics only adds to this effect.

Colburn exhibits an even more extreme use of the X-Acto knife here, as meticulously cut strips of paper hang from the gallery ceiling and cling to its walls to form delicate, arterial models that appear to reference the body's organs. As yet another mapping between material reality and the imagination, Colbern's constructions form an elegant addition to this particular show.

Explosive Compulsive, through January 14th, 2006
The Luggage Store Gallery
Wed.-Sat. 12-5, and by appointment