Exclusive Executive Dinner "Competing on Speed"

Thu Mar 15
San Francisco
06:00 PM
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The race is on for companies to anticipate their customer’s needs and exceed expectations. To see beyond today and define the future. We are delighted to share with you the Aricent Technology Vision 2017.
This year’s theme — Competing on Speed: Bringing Intelligence into the Customer Experience — focuses on four design and engineering trends that impact our clients. The report provides a unique perspective on where the industry is headed and how design-integrated engineering is becoming crucial to meet heightened customer expectations. Combined, these trends are the basis for creating revolutionary products that learn what their customers want before they know themselves.

We Will Discuss...
- Energize The Core: Focus on what matters - Sustainable growth requires investment in core products to keep them relevant and refreshed, as well as in R&D to develop the next generation of products and services that will replace the core.
- Digital Services Supercycle: Generate predictable growth from platforms - The digital economy is being built on platforms. The imperative is to keep pace with rapidly evolving platforms and to attract and empower a new generation of digital developers to build your products.
- AI Stimulus: Optimal is the new functional - Artificial intelligence will soon be at the core of just about every product and service. The critical question leaders must ask is: “What is the problem we are trying to solve with AI?”
- Frictionless Design: Effortless and surprising experiences - Friction is why customers change brands. Good design eliminates friction, opening possibilities for more natural interactions. Designing for security is critical for building trust and reducing friction.

JOIN US for senior-level conversations, exchange of ideas and networking at Be Exclusive Events’ Exclusive, intimate, by invitation only Executive Dinner – Competing on Speed: Bringing Intelligence into the Customer Experience.
This particular CxO Dinner would be of interest to executives with the following titles:
- SVP/EVP/VP of Product Engineering, Product Development, Product Management, Research and Development, Product Owners and PnL Leaders.

The Executive Dinner – Competing on Speed: Bringing Intelligence into the Customer Experience – is an exclusive event created for executives to come together to discuss industry trends and topics at a high level, peer-to-peer environment.
This exclusive event is limited to a number of executive guests.
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