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Gifts for both Dads and Grads

Are you frantically puzzling over the conundrum of bestowing a gift upon the dads and/or grads in your life? Give your nails a rest, fair reader, and look no further than Excitations. This is not the name of an erotic services provider, but a company catered to bringing “the unexpected” to its customers.

The site offers excellent navigation and makes choosing a gift pleasantly convenient, whether your giftee is local or resides in/plans to visit Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, or DC. Simply choose one of the cities listed for a tailored list of options. Best sellers for San Francisco include packages such as “Intro to Archery for Two”, “Picnic at the Vineyard”, “Hot Air Balloon Experience”, or “Gourmet Enthusiasts Cooking”. Suggested gift ideas for dads and/or grads include “Meet the Winemaker”, “Hot Lather Shave”, “Helicopter Tour Flight” and “Falconry Experience”.

Obviously some of the gifts sound like something you could arrange yourself, but Excitations makes everything exceedingly easy and hands-free for you. The “Born To Be Wild” package is perfect for Harley fans longing for the thrill of exploring highways and byways by motorcycle but don’t want to invest in a bike or haven’t gotten around to renting one for a day.

The $200 price tag includes 24-hour rental of a Harley, comprehensive motorcycle orientation that includes instruction of safe maneuvering and state and local laws and scenic destination recommendations. Also included are helmet rental, locks, saddlebags, unlimited mileage, taxes and enhanced VIP theft and damage protection coverage. It is important to note, however, that a valid motorcycle license is required.

One of the more unique experiences I came across on the site was the “Falcon Hike & Field Experience”. The $735 price tag may seem a bit exorbitant, but guarantees a memorable, unique experience for two. During a 30-45 minute hike led by an experience falconer, observe and learn about birds of prey in their natural setting. Your falconry guide presents an intimate simulated hunting demonstration, topped off by the opportunity to meet the world’s largest species of owl upon returning to the preserve.This package also includes a gourmet picnic with a bottle of “Saker Falcon” wine. Interestingly, the eastern European Saker Falcon species (Falco cherrug) are sometimes employed to protect crops from starlings, crows, and other species of birds that can ruin grapes in the vineyards.

Since there is still time until Father's Day, I highly recommend utilizing Excitations’ mail delivery service rather than their E-card, though the latter is convenient and a sure bet for procrastinators. The old-fashioned mail delivery method includes an elegant red leather keepsake box housing the Excitations Experience Card, with all the details for your giftee’s adventure. Everything is held together with a red ribbon, and the box is designed to accommodate a photo for customizing the box into a lasting memento.