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Everyone has a Cause


Over the course of the past week, I have spent more time thinking about the state of our countires future than the current state of the cities social scene. I mean, we are falling apart, and it is freaking me out. How am I supposed to snoop on all you fags whilst watching CNN and making sure that America hasn’t fallen into the sea? It has been quite the juggling act, as I am sure you are aware.

With one eye on my mutual funds, I have had a limited view of all the dramas and highlights that make our community so colorful week after week. But don’t think that means that you are off the hook. When executing the one-eyed glance, it helps to have perfect vision.

For example, I stopped to meet up with my Dirty friends from NakedSword the other day at the Lookout, to find it a hotbed of trannies, porn stars, political activists, Imperial Court members, and Local Politicians. I was expecting a quick cocktail with friends, and found myself in cycle of Hellos that was so frenetic; my head nearly flew right off. Between chatting with Supervisor Bevan Dufty and socialite BeBe Sweetbriar I barely had time to talk to the boy s that I had initially come to talk to. As it turned out, everyone was there to get out the word once more to VOTE NO ON PROP 8! It has been a long, and hard fought battle by myself and my brethren in the past several months, and we are still teetering on the brink of defeat. While we all should have been celebrating, I found that people were instead busy organizing, orchestrating, and getting ready to once again overcome! We may be rapidly losing funds, but that doesn’t mean that we are losing steam!

In keeping with my purpose, I sat down to chat with the NakedSword crew and see what was happening in porn land. As it turns out, things are booming along quite nicely. They were all gearing up to get out and shimmy on Saturday at Porn Star, a new party at the Cat Club by the promoters of Salon. It will be attended by a bevy of hot bodies just aching to get naked. I actually was thinking that this might be a party that has my name all over it, but sadly my name isn’t Porn Star.

A few nights prior to my chance encounters with the Castro’s elite, I had the good fortune of hanging out with my girl Ambrosia Salad for her Birthday. She was in high spirits, and mens clothes for a change, which made it all the more relaxing just to kick around having cocktails and talking about the drag life. While it is fun to watch a show in real life, the stories are always what make it all the more interesting. But backstage brawls and the ever-heightening histrionics of the tran-to-do aren’t what really fueled our fodder. WE where distracted by some club drama that has come back to light.

It turns out, that while everyone in the promotions community knows not to mess with Gus Presents, it has become ever more clear in current days. The once mighty Gus has fallen as of late, but refuses to take his slip-ups lying down. Instead, he has taken to employing off duty fire-marshals to work rival events all around town, and had effectively shut down numerous clubs or caused so much drama that patrons have decided not to go back. While this is deemed wholly unethical in the world of nightlife orchestration, it is also, unfortunately, completely legal. How hard the mighty do fall!

So while Gus was busting up parties all over town, who was busy trying to just get people to show up to their Friday night affair in the first place? Who was seen shopping for wigs backstage at Cockatelia’s Wigout? Who was busted for giving blowjobs in the bathroom at 440? And who was once again not in attendance at Project Runway Night, even though they claim that they could take the night by storm! Well, I know all of this and more, but I can’t tell you a thing about it, as I have been sworn to secrecy, and I can’t break a Pinkyswear!