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Take the Trip

Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz) graduates from high school, gets dumped by his girlfriend and heads to Europe to try and track down his hot German pen pal. This tits-and-ass-filled romp through Europe is packed with laughs. Sure, not all of the humor goes over, and Scotty's best friend Cooper (Jacob Pitts) is pretty damn annoying, but it doesn't matter.

There are plenty of laughs at the expense of European stereotypes: foul-mouthed British soccer hooligans, the Pope, the Germans- everyone gets theirs. And in the spirit of Europe, there is plenty of nudity and a very high raunch factor. There are at least four incredibly funny scenes in this movie, which sometimes seems like a series of comedic sketches. Plus a fantastic cameo by Ben Affleck's true better half (Matt Damon). Bottom line: I laughed my American ass off.

Stars: 4 out of 5*

*let me clarify: we're talking about comedies, not dramas