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Winner of multiple "Top Doc" awards, Dr. Nchekwube is considered one of the premier brain and spine surgeons in Northern California.  Most of these awards were based upon the opinions of doctors familiar with Dr. Nchekwube's work and results.  Some were based upon patient surveys.

Compassionate enough to consider the patient's ability to pay when negotiating fees, Dr. Nchekwube accepts Medicare.

Dr. Nchekwube is well known for his contributions to the quality of trauma care at San Jose Regional Medical Center, a class 1 trauma center.  He is legendary for his ability to evaluate and treat patients with complicated spinal problems.

Referrals are required for most patients because Dr. Nchekwube, as a surgeon, prefers that others care for and treat non-surgical cases.

Dr. Nchekwube prefers not to give legal testimony except as necessary for his patient's needs. He is considered by legal experts as exceptionally fair and factual due to his expertise and unbending honesty.  Dr. Nchekwube is available to advise during mediation or give his private analysis of a legal case but generally does not accept invitations to be an expert working with a particular attorney rather than advising both sides.

Please contact Dr. Nchekwube by phone or mail.