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Director/Writer/Actor Jon Favreau has come a long way since his Swingers days. This holiday season he directs the comedy Elf starring the lovable Will Ferrell as Buddy, a human raised by the elfs working in Santa's workshop way out in the North Pole. After he discovers that he's actually human, he ventures to the big bad city of New York to find his real father. The movie is full of childlike and classic lines like "Smiling's my favorite!" and "I like whispering too!". In fact, every single line uttered by Buddy ends in an exclamation point! You have to keep in mind that this is a Christmas movie made for families, so don't expect to see the same gross-out humor you've seen in Ferrell's other flicks like Old School. Although there are several scenes that are laugh-out loud funny, there are scenes full of sugar plum saccharine sweetness and Yuletide joy. Buddy's innocence and charm are contagious and you may just find yourself getting into the Christmas Spirit (even if you are Jewish or Hindu, like me.)