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Eels - Hombre Lobo

Released by Vagrant, 6/2/09

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

In the pale moonlight, the Spanish werewolf passionately bites and scratches at your ears looking to satisfy its animal instinct. With the Eels release of Hombre Lobo, the werewolf howls of E (Mark Oliver Everett) announce “12 Songs of Desire”. The mightiness of the album is illustrated in the spectrum of emotions from songs “The Longing” to “Fresh Blood” and how they are depicted with freshness and bona fide sound.

The softness and melodies of “All the Beautiful Things” and “In My Dreams" shows influences of Beck and Everett's vocals show the tender-heart that juxtaposes passion and aggression in both “What's A Fella To Do” and “Tremendous Dynamite”. In “Tremendous Dynamite”, E sounds like Jim Morrison unearthed by explosives of growl and reverb.

Everett completes the werewolf concept by growing a beard the Amish would be proud of. Half Rick Rubin and half Zack Galifianakis, the look completes Everett and is encapsulated by the song “Ordinary Man”. The soothing guitar and E's watery vocals sing “to understand just where I'm coming from and it's that fight that has brought me here today, exactly as I am no ordinary man.” It's this insight that makes the album so fantastic because, combined with the passion and grit of a fighter, no emotion is left unturned.

Eels create a magical album that brings all the powers of E, Koool G Murder and Knuckles to bear. A silver bullet to the heart strikes Hombre Lobo, and Eels are able to shape-shift back to men but not without leaving your blood pumping.