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Aristotle Associates is a private tutoring firm that consistently raises students’ grades and test scores. Mailing address:   PO Box 590187, San Francisco, CA 94159 . more
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. . . . . . . About B.A.V.C. Medialink: Call 415.865.2105 to begin the application process. Media link is a great opportunity to learn about web development and enter a new field. Note: If you are interested in any of the numerous workshops or... more
The Bay Area is blessed with the ability to “Eat Local” all year long thanks to our weather, natural resources and the commitment and creativity of local businesses. Within a 4 hour drive of San Francisco (250 miles) is everything that you need to bo... more
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General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in tech, business, and design. more
Founder and leader, Mary E. Jarvis, has been a student of Bikram and teaching Bikram Style Yoga for 20 years. She is an excellent illustrator of technique and a boundless source of Yoga inspiration. As a survivor of a near fatal auto accident, Mary... more
Give me a call. I am an experienced musician, teacher (I teach privately and at a music school), and performer with lots of patience and a strong memory of not being able to tune my guitar, let alone communicate with it. Fifteen years later I can pla... more
PACT, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt California organization. All donations are tax deductible. All scholarship funds donated are awarded to students; PACT does not take administrative or any other costs from donations. more
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San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) is dedicated to offering high quality performing arts experiences to young actors ages 5-21 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We at SFCMT are passionate about theater and believe it to be as... more
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The San Francisco Institute of Music is a Bay Area music school that offers a program of comprehensive music education for talented and motivated students, from children to adults. Our well-researched system for violin lessons, cello lessons, viola l... more
San Francisco Youth Ballet Academy was founded in 1999 to share the joy of classical ballet with children. We provide a disciplined and nurturing environment in which to study. Our curriculum is designed to offer professional ballet training for thos... more
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Since 1999, the San Francisco Comedy College has assisted speakers, trainers, comedians and amazing people from all walks of life to reach their comedic potential and enhance their interpersonal relationships. more
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SFAQ [Project] Space patrons will be offered the chance to attend the MFA program and receive a degree from the Tenderloin Institute of Art in an hour and a half course offered on two different Saturdays, to be announced. Instruction provided by MFA... more
Way out in the Avenues is a tasty little secret called Tal-Y-Tara, the only equestrian shop within an hour of San Francisco. Past the sweet smell of leather riding boots and scads of horse-related wares are half a dozen antique tables and chairs, plu... more
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ViBO Music Center is a music school and music retail store in San Francisco that places special emphasis on high-quality, affordable music instruction in a wide variety of instruments and genres. We offer individual and group lessons in piano, violin... more
Yachigusa-Ryu Aiki-Bugei is Japanese martial arts dojo offering training in 15th and 16th century samurai combat techniques. The school teaches open hand combat (jujutsu and aikijutsu), sword (kenjutsu), spear (sojutsu) and other traditional Japan... more