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Editor's Notes

Trends & Fares

* At the SF Zoo Cafe: Eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the flamingo pond cements the 4th grade field trip nostalgia like nothing else. BYO Capri Sun.

* Range may have the most uncomfortable stools ever at its bar dining tables, and the interior says "gentrified!" like nothing else, but it turns out the food and wine are excellent.

* Gyros at that place on Grove between Larkin and Hyde, just across from the SF Public Library. Light and lovely, fast and cheap. And they have a crazy selection of footlong meat, cheese, and vegetable openface pastry pies.

* Thai House Express, at Castro and 18th: pork pad se-ew in a square, white bowl = velvety!

* Serving Idea: pounded chicken, breaded and sauteed crispy, served under mixed greens with a lemon-parmesan vinaigrette, cooked by friends and served on TV trays.

* Lunch at Canto do Brasil on Franklin near Market; even with beans, rice and farofa, neither the tasty red snapper nor the rich, braised chicken sunk our battleships. Mango mousse = a bright finish.

* Last Week: holiday parties, open bars, sushi platters, and talking to people who went to the insane Google holiday party last weekend.