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Earlimart - Hymn and Her

Released on Shout Factory, 7/1/08

Cementing their place in the recent rise of top tier LA bands, Earlimart offers poignant indie-pop on their latest collaboration Hymn and Her that engages fans with inspirational lyrics and rhythmic melodies to rival their previous effort in 2007 Mentor Tormentor.

Bandmates Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray (the group’s only members) haven’t sacrificed quality for the fact that Hymn and Her arrived so soon after Tormentor; but instead, realized throughout the process that working as a duo has its benefits – sharp, well organized compilations of rich melody and breathy, dreamy vocals that create the perfect road-trip soundtrack.

“Face Down in the Right Town” is wistful and intriguing. Espinoza’s lush vocals are enhanced by Murray’s soft whisper and the music is upbeat without being ‘poppy’. The piano evokes a trance-like state and the swirling voices make this song an album standout.

The beautifully arranged piano and gentle, rhythmic acoustic strumming of “Before It Gets Better” compliment Murray’s imperfect albeit angelic vocals whilst Espinoza channels Trent

Reznor’s delicate side during certain parts of “Great Herron Gates” - with a breathy, almost tortured voice that seems to be lifted out of the darkness by a more upbeat Murray and an equally inspiring melody.

There is a familiarity throughout Hymn and Her that whilst sometimes feels a little deep, is also immensely comforting and uplifting. This is music you can both think and zone-out to.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars