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A Fine Goods Outpost

With a bit of online shopping experience and no retail floor experience, Kati Kim recently ran her first transaction at her new store, Doe. This fine goods outpost lodges itself between the retail enclaves of vintage Upper Haight and refined Hayes Valley. It is a welcome addition to the line of eateries, bars and hair salons that saturate Lower Haight.

Kati, founder and owner of Doe, stocks a little bit of everything at her outpost. You can find violet or sunflower seeds in tin cans that function as flower pots ($10) from Germany. If you get thirsty then grab a bottle of Purdey's multivitamin energy drink from the United Kingdom.

An item that can't seem to stay on the racks are the baby tees ($20 and up) in simple graphics and colorful soft cotton. Nearby are charming red and purple floral hairpins from Japan and those face powder sheets (30 for $7) to blot the glare that may shine from your face during the day. You can tuck them into the gold or brown leather clutches ($50) that are cut into whimsical shapes of a cat, bird or doe, of course.

Although Doe stocks fine goods from around the world, the boutique also, literally, resonates the local community both inside and outside its walls.

"I definitely wanted to support local artists," Kati says.

Outside Doe's walls is a large mural painted by Blissen, a crafts collective founded in San Francisco. Inside the walls of the store you can find a number of clothing designed by our San Francisco denizens such as Penelope Starr and Sunhee Moon.

Starr's timeless pieces include a V-neck black dress with exposed azure lining ($148). Moon picks up also on the lure of azure with her corduroy jacket ($189) that pairs nicely with the collection of skirts and trousers from other designers such as Jill Stuart and Petro Zillia.

For men, there are graphic tees ($24 and up) and beautifully custom-made belts in pewter or brass which are designed by Kati. The belts with the Sutro Tower emblazoned on the buckle are a best seller.

You can check out all the goods any day of the week. In fact, there is much to celebrate at Doe. Join Doe's Mural Completion Party on Thursday, October 21st from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm where you can find not only a bit of San Francisco in here but also a bit of everything else.