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DJ MyKill

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

All it took San Franciscoís DJ MyKill to secure his love for this profession was going out and enjoying the art of DJing. Itís not hard to see why heís been successful with his many endeavors, whether itís making the dance floor rock at Nightlife at The Academy or celebrating with his residency and release parties at Trigger. With his recent release of his disco-house mix and the eventual release of the EP now available on iTunes, MyKill took some time out from his busy schedule to chat with SF Station.

SF Station (SFS): How does it begin?

MyKill (MK): My first experiences were underground rave parties in the mid 90s, watching DJ's like Woody McBride or T-1000 come to town and whip crowds into a frenzy with unheard of music. There was a huge mystery behind it all and I wanted to be a part of that. So I did what most kids did and started buying records every week. This turned into huge obsessions that lead me to search for outlets to play music.

I got my start in underground parties and eventually ended up throwing them, and ultimately getting into clubs. Now I'm here, 13 years later, and doing this as a full-time gig. I've witnessed tons of changes with technology and music, and have been enjoying the ride ever since.

SFS: Where did you get your DJ moniker from?

MK: Nothing too clever ó it's my name, Michael, phonetically. I actually used to just go by Michael when I started. Years ago someone I knew started writing my name like that in the forums and I just kind of adopted it. Some of the ways people seem to pronounce it can be quite funny. I get "Mikhail" or some variation a lot.

SFS: Since you've DJed all over SF, what are some of your favorite places?

MK: Hands down, the best venue was Ruby Skye, for the sound system and lightning alone. The Academy of Sciences is one of my favorite "something different" events. But the best parties I've played while living here were always Blow Up, Bootie, and I love my current residency at Trigger. The staff and patrons there treat me very well and give me room to go where I like musically in a night.

SFS: How do you manage to stay versatile with your gigs?

MK: I'm not a purist, and I listen to and enjoy all types of music. I'm really fortunate to have a good network of people who support me and enjoy what I do. I'm able to play for almost any crowd and that makes things more interesting for me. Each show is really tailored for the venue, night, and people in attendance. I'm sure if you asked people about me DJing you would get several different responses in sound and style.

SFS: You recently released "Love Story" on Pleasure and Pressure Vol 2. What was the inspiration behind that album?

MK: It's five songs from five different producers. I signed with the label last year and this will be my first offering. This series is a great springboard for new artists on the label and to give a sign of things to come. There is already a full EP by Meroz slated in the next month or so. Plus, there are follow-up remixes to "Oui" by White Girl Lust, and a hot new single from Le Principle & OCD Automatic called "Paper Cat," which are amazing.

SFS: What's your favorite aspect of being involved with Solid Bump Records?

MK: The creativity of the people working together. No idea is too crazy with these guys; they really think everything over and put all their effort into every angle of the presentation, from the artwork to the promotion to the music itself. It's great to work with people whose main motive isn't money and who want to work hard at building a lasting brand.

SFS: Who would your dream collaboration be with?

MK: Iím not sure I really have a dream collaboration but I would love to work with some other artists at some point. My faves right now are Louis La Roche, Shazam, Le Principle, Laberge, Xinob, and Leonardus. There are tons more, but those are the ones that really get me moving.

SFS: Any huge upcoming plans?

MK: I have another single slated for release and eventually my own EP. I'm in the process of finishing up a group of tunes to present to the label and we'll be taking things from there. My plan is to keep writing music, learn some new things, travel a bit more, and make some new friends along the way.

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