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DJ Kozee

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

A definitive stable to the rising dubstep scene, DJ Kozee knows how to hold her grime down in a genre dominated by men. With a spunky attitude reflected in her bass thumping tracks, her short yet prolific career is definitely headed in the direction of success. Acquiring quite a nifty name for herself, DJ Kozee chats with SF Station about her rise to fame.

SF Station (SFS): How did you come about to become a DJ?

DJ Kozee (K): I became a DJ because I wanted to help others feel the same way I feel when listening to music.

SFS: Any particular story behind the name?

K: "Kozee" comes from back in the day when I was really into writing graffiti in Sacramento, so just used it for DJing too.

SFS: So when did you start DJing?

K: Itís been since 2002. I started out DJing hip hop because Iíve been collecting hip hop vinyl since í93. Because I love vinyl so much, I started collecting all these different types when I started DJing out in Sacramento.

SFS: What made you come down to SF?

K: Opportunity and culture! I felt like being in Sacramento didnít allow me to further myself artistically. And it was true. I wanted to do something more. People support you here in San Francisco, and itís been a phenomenal 3 years.

SFS: What did you think of LovEvolution? Any particularly crazy stories you want to share?

K: I thought it was OK. A lot of good music, I was a bit bored though. Yea, the crazy thing I saw on the way home from the parade was an orgy on the street, no lie -- gotta love SF for that!

SFS: What inspired you to DJ the dub/hyphy genre?

K: Well, I was DJing DnB for a bit before Dubstep. When I first heard it in 2005 I wasn't very much into it; I was really into grime music. I think it took about six months for me to start to even find an appreciation for the music. Itís definitely a music you have to listen to loud to get the true effect of what it is providing because of all the low end frequencies.

SFS: Does it get difficult to be a woman in this industry, or are you just as fearless as you seem?

K: Itís difficult sometimes. I feel like itís been less difficult with the dubstep scene/industry than when I was DJing hip hop and drum n bass.

SFS: Why is that?

K: I donít know why, there's a better feeling about it -- less sexism and macho attitude from men. Hip hop with drum n bass was very sexist and it was hard not be judged by my body! And I want people to judge me on how well I do DJing and as a performer; I love being able to help people in that way. Not just as tits and ass, even though I have them.

SFS: Any upcoming plans to release any new remixes now that it's fall?

K: There are three new tunes that are due for release this fall: one I did with Mr. Dz and the other two are individual tunes I did.

SFS: Mr. Dz! Relationship? Tell us more.

K: We make music together and our first release together did really well in the Beatport dubstep charts. We have plans on more releases upcoming this year and we are DJing our first back to back set on the 8th here in SF. Heís taught me so much and weíve gotten big people DJing our tunes, not just DnB DJs. And that means a lot to us. Collaborating with him has been great.

SFS: Who are some of your favorite SF DJs to play with?

K: My favorite SF DJs to DJ with are: UV (Ultraviolet), DZ, Spacer, DJG, and Sam Supa.

SFS: Any words of inspiration you live by?

K: Trust your intuition, it will never lie!

SFS: and anything else you would like us to know!

K: Yea, My crew and I (redline) run a monthly party called Makeout Sessions, (dancefloor dubstep) every 4th Friday at The Showdown (formerly The Matador). Also, we do have one-off party at different locations throughout the Bay Area; please check my MySpace for dates!

Catch her and DZ this Thursday at Roe, and check their MySpace for some tunes: http://www.myspace.com/kozeerunnintingz