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DJ KingMost

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Originally from the Bay Area, DJ KingMost has been making us move our feet by opening for acts like Exile and remixing tracks by Drake and J-Boogie. Catch him opening for Mike the 2600 King on April 30th at SOM. That’s a whole lot of royalty!

SF Station (SFS): How did you get into DJing?

KingMost (KM): I became involved with DJing at a real young age, mainly because my older brother was a DJ. What was strange is that it was never a conscience effort to say, "Oh hey, I'm going to DJ."

I think it was just curiosity, being a fat little music nerd, and really just having turntables available to me. Also, that whole dynamic of a little brother wanting to mimic his older brother played a part in it as well.

SFS: You've DJ'ed with some big names; any memorable stories?

KM: I've been very lucky to DJ with a lot "names", and I'm thankful for each opportunity. I think the one that has stood out the most was playing with DJ Spinna & Bobbito for the first time a few years ago for Soul Slam. I clearly remember seeing them deejay various times as a youngster, and each time not only being in awe but also walking away with a new outlook on what could and could not be played at parties.

They both where putting on artists and genres that I loved, but in a "club" context. That right, there, was so impactful. Seeing people loose it to Stevie Wonder, 80s pop, house music, hip-hop and disco all in the same evening changed me.

SFS: What do you like most about DJing? Do you do it full-time?

KM: It's the sum of the parts — things like spending an entire Saturday hanging out with friends and digging for new music, that moment when you stumble upon a great mix of two records, or the camaraderie you build with folks over music and DJing. Money is great but the nuances are why I haven't just packed it up and moved on.

Aside from DJing, I also produce music. I'm working on a hip-hop and soul album while also doing music for obscure outlets like ESPN and Nike. In addition, I work for SOM, an awesome new bar in the Mission you all should go to everyday!
SFS: What do you think about the recent crackdown on licenses and the club scene?

KM: I'm glad the SFPD is tacking the real problems in the city, like “unauthorized fun” as opposed to small problems like violence.

SFS: What would you like to see more of? What would you change?

KM: SF is a great city and I know there are a lot of people who like nightlife so I want more of those specific people out, regardless of what club you go to or what music you like. Just have a good fucking time when you're out of the house as opposed to acting like a knucklehead or some snob.

I definitely want to see more people who slide the DJ $20 or more for their requests. I'll have to stop there before I go off on a tangent.

SFS: What is one of your favorite remixes you created?

KM: They are like children and toes; you love each one the same! Truthfully, it was a remix for J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science. It didn't even get to come out fully due to sample clearances but it has a special place in my heart because it was the first one I did for someone else. King Kong sized shout out to J-Boogie and Jonathan at OM.

SFS: If you had a chance to put together any club night involving your dream team of DJs or artists, what would that look like?

KM: I don't even know where to begin. It would look like the cantina scene in Star Wars for sure, an even ratio of women and fellas twittering in each other while dancing to Stevie Wonder, LCD Soundsystem, and A Tribe Called Quest. A lot of wine and air horns going off as well. Jay-Z "Public Service Announcement" and Young Jeezy's "Go Crazy" will be played back to back at midnight, and good food carts outside. So you know, the usual.

SFS: What do you hope to accomplish more of in 2010?

KM: Pay more parking tickets and put out my album.

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